C.Faith Holland

Soul Coaching

Coaching vs. Therapy June 26, 2012

1. Sharing a Touch of Faith Coaching is about looking into the mirror of Life to discover who we really are at this very moment in time.

2. It is not about examining your past in order to fix problems (i.e. therapy) nor is it simply setting goals to be attained somewhere in the future. (see “Coaching is different”at the top of this page)

3. Sharing a Touch of Faith Coaching includes learning Practical Application practices which will create the space for you to be comfortable living in this human form, learning by making friends with the many aspects of yourself,  including the many traits of personality, ego and our True Divine Authentic Nature.

What areas would we be addressing?
1. Any and all areas of your life that are currently causing you stress and/or blocking you from knowing who you truly ARE i.e. your own Truth.

2. Practice Practice Practice: applying the tools provided through out your life and this coaching process to

Live and Love your Life while knowing you are responsible for your consciousness which lead you toward the best choices for your Life.


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