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Soul Coaching

Touched by Faith June 26, 2012

When I think of time with Faith, I think of cozy things like goose-down comforters and Chamomile tea.  I loved that she challenged me to “Right my story”; you know, the story we have always used as an excuse for why we do what we do the way we do it. Our story that all our friends are tired of listening to; the one that stops us from moving forward into true self love.  Her gentleness, yet her decisive way of going into the heart of issues, helped me see things in a totally new way. Faith’s work is really impossible to describe. Experience it and you will want to stay with Faith forever.

Lynda Filler,
Author, Poet

In my life I have met many amazing people who have lived in their greatness.  Some have inspired and mentored me to do the same but none have been able to truly love me and help me to let go of the negative chatter of my mind and move towards my dreams as well as Faith Holland.

Faith lives on a higher plane than most people.  She comes from her heart and she has been able to help me over come struggles that I have created in my mind.  Faith provides a fresh perspective to help me look at situations that truly baffled me.  With a new set of eyes my life looks and feels peaceful and exciting.  Sometimes I wonder if a higher power is working in my life, all I have to do is think of how Faith came into my life the very first hour I had moved to Puerto Vallarta offering to help me get settled and connected into the community.

She was a gift from my angels!

If you are thinking of having Faith be your spiritual coach stop thinking and just do it….you will be glad you did!

Cheryl Wheeler
Artist, Homemaker and Philanthropist

Sometimes in life you meet someone and you just know….

When I met Faith Holland 10 yrs ago I knew the blessing and the gift of this woman in my life without a doubt!
It resonated with that deep part within that sometimes is so loud and clear and tells you this is the way….
I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted that peace and love that Faith Holland has…..
She constantly evolves and grows and practices daily what she teaches…or as she says the teacher and student is one…..
She lives and leads by example and she chooses love as her way of living..
Camilla Schwab



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3 Responses to “Touched by Faith”

  1. Leslie Stimson Says:

    Faith and I have been friends for at least 14 years. She has always been there for me when I needed help. Her insight to a struggle is always solvable! She continuously reminds me the problem and the solution lies in us! She helps me to remember that on an ongoing basis “the truth” I love her dearly and admire her strength and perseverance.
    Love you Faith.
    Leslie Stimson

  2. Thank you for your kind words Leslie… Much Love Given and Received..

  3. taozirae Says:

    I have been touched by Faith! 😉
    Her daily posts are so inspirational, I have nominated her for the Leibster award!


    I love you Faith… Can’t wait to see you again in PV and work on ANOTHER round of VISIONS BOARDS! Red cowboy boots yet?

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