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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 3.10.14 March 10, 2014

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1. To teach is to demonstrate. An angry teacher teaches anger. A stressed teacher teaches stress. A joyful teacher teaches joy. ~ Jacob Glass

2. Today We Affirm: Life responds quickly to my positive thoughts today. I am love and I see love all around me as I walk the path of Grace and gently unfolding good. I release all fear and resistance and I trust Life to guide and direct my day with joyful ease. I cannot fail to be at the right place at the right time. All that I do is blessed, multiplied and prospered today and the Universe can arrange every detail with great ease. I am happy, grateful and filled with radiant faith in Life! ~ Jacob Glass


3. The only way to genuinely feel loved is to take the risk of being your True Self and then find out that you are accepted and cherished for who you really ARE. 

4. If we find our self constantly trying to prove our worth to someone, we have already forgotten our value.  


5. The ideal relationship is not a matter of one being dependent upon the other to get something. It is when two or more come together for the increased joy of sharing what each already has and IS. And Love is all there is. Love and joy are a package deal. We cannot have one without the other, and both are increased when shared.






Thoughts and Quotes for Today 3.6.14 March 6, 2014

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1. “When we share the particular gifts that we have been given, we free our life force from its cage of separation. If we were born with a song in our heart, then we must sing it; if there is a vision in our soul, then we must live it. When we express fully all that we are, we participate in the flow of life. We are not meant to sit on the sideline, passively watching others live. We are meant to be vehicles through which our spirits can flow outward to life.” – John Robbins


2. When you finally get it that the Universe is only answering your vibration, then you understand that if you are victim to anything, it’s only your haphazard offering of vibration. The real desire that is being born within you is, “I want to vibrate on purpose. I want to set my Tone. I want to conclude and decide and offer it consistently and then watch the results of it.” You cannot get it done, ever, and you cannot get it wrong. So you might as well relax and start having fun with this. -Abraham


3. “When we’re true to ourselves, we become instruments of truth for the planet. Because we’re all connected, we touch the lives of everyone around us, who then affect others. Our only obligation is to be the love we are and allow our answers to come from within in the way that’s most appropriate for us.

Finally, I can’t stress enough how important it is to enjoy yourself and not take yourself or life too seriously. One of the biggest flaws with many traditional spiritual systems is that they give you such a somber outlook. Although you know that I abhor creating doctrines, if I ever had to create a set of tenets for a spiritual path to healing, number one on my list would be to make sure to laugh as often as possible throughout every single day—and preferably laugh at myself. This would be hands down over and above any form of prayer, meditation, chanting, or diet reform. Day-to-day problems never seem as big when viewed through a veil of humor and love.” ~ Anita Moorjani


4. Ponder these three statements:

1) You are doing this to yourself.

2) The you that seems to be having these adventures in space and time is not really you.

3) The place where it all seems to be happening does not exist. Now let’s get real…

Set your Life on Fire


Thoughts and Quotes for Today 12.23.13 December 23, 2013

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1. Today We Affirm: I AM waking up to myself more each day. In this Holy Week I AM giving birth to my true Self as I release all that no longer serves me and open up to all the gifts of the Universe – my arms open wide. The more good I allow in my life, the more I have to share and to spare with my sisters and brothers. I AM a Divine Center of loving abundance. I boldly and gratefully embrace this new day knowing that Life loves me and that everything I need is here and now.  ~ Jacob Glass

2. When ideas are shared they are strengthened. That is a good reason to gather – to share and strengthen ideas that are better than what the world would have us believe. This whole shebang is just an idea (a tiny mad idea) – ideas of separation, guilt, suffering and death. Forget those ideas. Let’s share and strengthen ideas of Innocence, Oneness, Love and Peace.

3, We are teaching, and we teach all of the time. We teach what we are. Teach only Love. Teach only Joy. The Joy of teaching will be ours when we teach Joy, and when we accept no compromise in which death plays a part (death being anything that is not Love and Joy).

4. Nothing exists outside of US that can alter the inside of US.

hands of Light


Thoughts and Quotes for Today 7.5.13 July 5, 2013

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1. It’s time to start living the Life we deserve, but remember, we don’t live the Life we deserve, we live the Life we THINK we deserve… it’s time to clean UP our THINKING!!! We are here for a purpose…. we can stop being a prisoner of our thoughts and BEcome the architect of our future….

2. Curiosity, being ready for everything, comes from the deep Faith that everything that happens is a gift. Everything….

3. When I was younger, “being different” cost too much. I did anything I could to fit in. These days, “being normal” costs too much. I’m not willing to fit in with the pack, if it costs me my soul, my strength, and my reason for being. I didn’t come here to duck. I came here to fly. ~ Thanks Tama

4. You say you suffer every time we are not together, and you wish to not feel even one millimeter of separation. Then I have to say: In order to destroy this intense feeling of separation, you are going to have to kill or transcend the idea that there is, in reality, a ‘you’ and a ‘me’ as distinctly separate beings.

You must enter the fire of self-discovery full heartedly. It is the fire of self-investigation; the fire that burns the unreal, thus unveiling the True Self. It will instill inside your Heart total surrender, devotion and love. You must step into this fire fully and bring me into the fire with you also so that whatever is unreal, imagined or projected is burnt, you see? Then what comes out of this fire will be purer than all the ideas we have of who we both are and any distance between us. Only then will all duality and separation be over. ~ Mooji



Thoughts and Quotes for Today 6.28.13 June 28, 2013

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1. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ~ Abraham Lincoln


2. It’s good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and its tale told. Today new seeds are growing. ~ Rumi


3. “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


4. When you no longer look to external situations to fulfill you…the miracle is…external situations become quite fulfilling.~ Eckhart Tolle.


5. Ultimately nothing is mine or yours, everything is ours. Just be one with yourself and you will be one with all, at home in the entire U – niverse. – Nisargadatta Maharaj




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