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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 6.21.13 June 21, 2013

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1. Be Aware of the temptation to make your problems your identity. 


2. “The whole world is you. Yet you keep thinking there is something else.” ~ Hsueh Feng


3. Note to self: Be aware, we will be tempted again and again to believe that we are being unfairly treated. If we buy into it our heart will start pounding and our mind will endlessly spew out thoughts of attack and defense. We don’t really want to go down that road again. It’s a sick place to be. We wrote the script. It’s time to see this. Do what needs to be done, but the reality of it does not justify all the emotional upset. This is the vicious cycle until we re-member to choose differently… 

4. “A teacher of fear can’t bring peace on Earth. We have been trying to do it that way for thousands of years. The person who turns inner violence around, the person who finds peace inside and lives it, is the one who teaches what true peace is. We are waiting for just one teacher. You’re the one.”  Ms Katie


5. Believe in your heart that something wonderful is about to happen. Love your Life. Believe in your own powers, in your own potential, and your own goodness. Wake up every morning with the awe of being alive. Live this day well… 




Thoughts and Quotes for Today 5.12.13 May 12, 2013

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1. While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach US what life is all about…

2. “The woman is sacred. We respect our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, granddaughters and nieces. Women are the ones who give us life, who nurture us, and who teach us to walk and to speak. Men are their eyes, their ears and their mouths.” ~ Birgil Kills Straight

Happy Mothers Day to Mother Earth, and all the beautiful – strong women who have brought us into this world. May you all be blessed throughout your day

3. “This work has the gentleness of a flower opening to itself. Be gentle with your beautiful self. This Work is about the end of your suffering.” ~ Bryon Katie

4. Behind every great kid there is probably a Mom thinking she is pretty sure she is screwing it up…


Cherish our Children


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