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Thought for Today 5.7.15 May 7, 2015

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We all say “we WANT change” but most of us really only want the “situation” or the “other person” to change. But if it is actually US that must change, it becomes a different matter all together. So how do we do that??? It starts with our thinking/thoughts, soon our feelings will follow and then our behaviors will soon follow also. The Work of Byron Katie will help, as does many other methods and modalities. Any Question?? Feel free to contact me…

Who wants change


Thought for Today 6.30.14 June 30, 2014

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“Our emotional state is attributed to events, people and situations outside of ourselves that we blame for how we are feeling. The truth is we have set up specifics in our lives to address our need to have something or someone to blame instead of taking responsibility for how we feel.”  ~ Sarah Huemmert

Don't Look for Love


Thoughts and Quotes for Today 12.25.13 December 25, 2013

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1. Love Never Chooses Sides: When your mind is in conflict, you do not move out of conflict by choosing between two opposing positions. That will just set up more intense conflict. You move out of conflict by accepting both positions. Love never chooses one brother over another. It never sees one sister as better or more worthy than another. It affirms the humanity of both. If positive and negative feelings are present, love does not reject one and embrace the other. It accepts that both are present. It embraces the totality of what is, with all its apparent contradiction. Love transcends any kind of dualism. It is many-sided, multifaceted, patient and tolerant. It knows that we will be okay. It trusts us to learn what we need to learn when we are ready to learn it. ~ Paul Ferrini


2. May Our Life be filled with knowing the Joy of Light, Love and Pure innocence of the Heart. Now and Always.


3. “Aren’t you tired of letting the past dictate your life?” ~ Saving Mr. Banks


4. One mode of operation: judge and control. A better mode of operation: don’t give it any meaning and just Let it Flow. Thanks Benny




Thoughts and Quotes for Today 8.2.13 August 2, 2013

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1. Peace is an attribute in you… You cannot find it outside… Illness is some form of searching… Health is Inner Peace…


2. It is impossible to find Peace of Mind as long as thoughts of blame or judgment are given credence. One cannot reach the sky while still rooting in the mud. ~ Thanks Pamela


3. Blaming someone else is an attempt to delude myself into believing that I’m not responsible for how I feel.  ~ Thanks Fred


4. Don’t talk so much about your apparent troubles or how your mind is. That is also feeding the mind… Talk only economically. Get straight to the point. If we talk too much, at some point we will only be telling lies.  ~ Mooji


5. It is not “wrong” to talk about what has happened or is happening… the problem starts when WE start to interpret what IS… we add meaning, we add a story, usually a “story” where we are the “hero” of this situation… when we stop to ASK what the purpose or meaning is of a situation and we LISTEN for the Truth, it is usually there waiting for us… this is NOT a WHY question, it’s a “Help me see the TRUTH” statement…   Namaste, Faith

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