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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.20.13 November 20, 2013

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1. Surrender: You can’t have control if you want to live a life of Spirit. Spirituality requires surrender. You aren’t asked to surrender to someone else, nor are you asked to capitulate to your own ego. You are asked to surrender to the River that lies within you. The River is in charge. Your only choice is to fight its authority (an exhausting choice) or to accept it. Some people figure out right away 
that surrender is inevitable. For others, it takes years. ~ Paul Ferrini


2. “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”-Marcus Aurelius


3. This is a hospital where we have come to be healed of a mental illness called split mind (the idea of separation). We are here only for our healing. This is a school where we have come to learn and to undo the idea that we are a thing that we are not. We are here only to learn, and lessons are repeated over and over until we learn the Truth. And it is the Truth that will set US free.


4. If I defend myself I am attacked. By planning for the defense of a self that I am not, I are attacking the Self that I AM. And if I feel defensive about anything I have identified with a self that I am not.

The ego would convince us that we are a thing that we are not. In fact, the ego is the thing that I believe I am (which I am not).






Thoughts and Quotes for Today 8.22.13 August 22, 2013

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1. “When you no longer put your energy into seeking approval, you can open your arms to criticism and see it as a gift, instead of as something to disprove or defend against. When you’re genuinely humble, there’s no way that criticism can hurt you; it becomes obvious, through your own experience, that it can only help you. This is how clarity takes on life as effective action, so that you are kind to others and kind to yourself. Defense is the first act of war. Through you, I will come to know myself. It’s called integrity. I am all things. If you say one single thing that I have the urge to defend, that thing is the very pearl waiting inside me to be discovered.” Byron Katie


2. Misperception: As long as you do not perceive reality accurately you will attract a correction to that misperception. Often you interpret the correction as an attack.
It isn’t. It is an opportunity for you to see the distortion that fear has created in your thinking and to correct your vision so that you can see what is really there. ~ Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini


3. “And let us rejoice that there is an answer to what seems to be a
conflict with no resolution possible. All things are possible to God.” 
– A Course in Miracles


4. “If you feel qualified to judge someone, you really have no mirrors in your home, or in your soul.”




Thoughts for Today 8.21.13 August 21, 2013

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Good Morning Precious One, many already know, I am traveling for 10 days… although I am still “gathering the evidence each morning” I thought I would re-post an entire blog today from Jacob Glass, if you don’t know Jacob yet, you might want to check him out, he by far has been my greatest teacher… I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jacob, he kicked my spiritual BS ass… 


“Prayer is a way to true humility . . .  Humility brings peace because it does not claim that you
must rule the universe, nor judge all things as you would have them be.” 
– A Course in Miracles

Humility is not humiliation. These are two very different things which seem to be very confused in our current culture in much the same way that confidence and arrogance get confused. To be humble in the right sense is to recognize that “of myself I can do nothing” while at the same time recognizing that by our willingness miraculous things can be accomplished through us, by that Greater Power. 
This is why I love the teachings of the Tao te Ching. It is a path of endless humility, and therefore a path of endless peace and serenity. It is truly the extreme opposite of the ego-dominated world systems which are all about being special, standing out from the crowd, competing against others in order to WIN something, which only leads to more competition in order to keep your  name out there.
 Everything we strive and struggle to get, we will usually have to struggle and strive to keep and maintain.  What we had to “get” we usually have to “keep.”  This is why I love the Course lesson of “I seek but what belongs to me in truth.” This is a way of saying, I only want what has been given me by the Grace of God – I only want what is MY Divine Inheritance, not what the person next to me has – that is just an appearance anyhow. 

My most frequent daily prayer is extremely simple, and it is this: “Lord, make joyful use of me today. You know how to do it best – I do not. I’ll be busy choosing happiness, so you know where to find me and how to best use me. Go for it.”
This is a RADICAL shift in the way we approach our daily life. It IS the recognition that we are not here to get, nor to sacrifice. We are here to extend, to create, to enjoy. But as we say, it often takes great effort to arrive at effortlessness. And the effort is all of our mental work as we increase our willingness to ALLOW Life to work rather than “making” it work. We take control of guiding our minds to the downstream thoughts rather than fighting and swimming against the current. We learn how to truly RELAX and LET GO  – and in the letting go, we are at last opening to receive what has already been given. We are no longer trying to control the universe nor decide what “should” or “shouldn’t” be happening. We let God BE God, and we let ourselves be the Child of God. 
If you want a day free of stressful thinking and suffering today, practice true humility throughout the day. To be humble, is to let go of defensiveness, let go of impressing anyone, let go of what others think or say about you, let go of protecting what you think you have or have accomplished. You simply show up, prepared, on time, doing what you said you would do, with a good attitude. And all the rest you leave to God to handle as you watch the miracles of Grace unfold before and through you. Pretty good gig, actually.

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