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Happy July 1st Thought for Today July 1, 2014

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“To be deeply loved, means a willingness to cut yourself wide open, exposing your vulnerabilities… hopes, hurts, fears and flaws. Hiding behind the highlight reel of who you are, is the real you and that person is just as worthy of love. There is nothing more terrifying or fulfilling, than complete love, it’s worth the risk… reach for it.”  ~ Jaeda DeWalt 



Thought for Today 5.11.14 May 11, 2014

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There are few things more uplifting than connecting deeply with another- feeling like you “get” each other. May your weekend include moments where you feel that another “gets” you – where you are given the opportunity to really “get” another. Sometimes,  it starts with holding ourselves tenderly, so we ourselves really “get” the small glorious human being we are. ~ Oriah 



Thoughts and Quotes for Today 12.1.13 December 1, 2013

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1. Most of us do not see our beliefs. Instead our beliefs tell us what we see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion.

2. Have you ever notice that worry is more concerned with what could happen than what actually is happening? Do not exchange the peace of this moment for a story of misperception.

3. When you deeply appreciate and look forward to people criticizing you, you’re FREE. ~ Byron Katie

4. We are “getting there” when our intention to be helpful and to represent Him who sent us overshadows the ego based craving for attention and external validation.

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