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Simple Truths February 7, 2016

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Divine Love, Somewhere along the way, I accepted the false idea that I was separated from You. This misperception led to my experiences of misery, pain, lack, illness and despair. There is a part of my mind that believes I have a multitude of problems, yet in Truth, I have only one problem. My one problem is that I believe I am separated from You. Once I realize that I have never been separated from You, then all of my perceived problems will be undone. With you as my Source, I am assured of complete happiness, health, safety and abundance, without fear or suffering of any kind. Help me to remember that I am One with You and we have never been separated. Let the Truth replace my illusions so I can return to my happy and natural state of abundance that is Your will for me. Thy will be done. Amen

There is no love but God’s
W-pI.127.1. Perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible. 2 Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for that; a way of loving one, another way of loving still another. 3 Love is one. 4 It has no separate parts and no degrees; no kinds nor levels, no divergencies and no distinctions. 5 It is like itself, unchanged throughout. 6 It never alters with a person or a circumstance. 7 It is the Heart of God, and also of HisSon.

W-pI.127.2. Love’s meaning is obscure to anyone who thinks that love can change. 2 He does not see that changing love must be impossible. 3 And thus he thinks that he can love at times, and hate at other times. 4 He also thinks that love can be bestowed on one, and yet remain itself although it is withheld from others. 5 To believe these things of love is not to understand it. 6 If it could make such distinctions, it would have to judge between the righteous and the sinner, and perceive the Son of God in separate parts.

W-pI.127.3. Love cannot judge. 2 As it is one itself, it looks on all as one. 3 Its meaning lies in oneness. 4 And it must elude the mind that thinks of it as partial or in part. 5 There is no love but God’s, and all of love is His. 6 There is no other principle that rules where love is not. 7 Love is a law without an opposite. 8 Its wholeness is the power holding everything as one, the link between the Father and the Son which holds Them Both forever as the same.




Simple Truth February 6, 2016

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The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is not true. This is a crucial step in dealing with illusions. No one is afraid of them when he perceives he made them up. The fear was held in place because he did not see that he was author of the dream, and not a figure in the dream. ~ A Course in Miracles

Only Thoughts


An Invitation for the New Year 12.27.14 December 27, 2014

Starting January 1, 2015… I will be “Teaching” and DOING the A Course In Miracles Workbook of 365 Lesson.. I have created a Private (Secret) Facebook Page for anyone who would care to “JOIN” US… If you would like to JOIN in, please send me an email… I have asked everyone “joining” to please read the section in the ACIM book “Manual for Teachers” below is the “Introduction” and on the FB page I have added the entire section so you can read it if you don’t have the book… It is also online and I have provided the link on the FB page as well

Manual Introduction
The role of teaching and learning is actually reversed in the thinking of the world. The reversal is characteristic. It seems as if the teacher and the learner are separated, the teacher giving something to the learner rather than to himself. Further, the act of teaching is regarded as a special activity, in which one engages only a relatively small proportion of one’s time. The course, on the other hand, emphasizes that to teach is to learn, so that teacher and learner are the same. It also emphasizes that teaching is a constant process; it goes on every moment of the day, and continues into sleeping thoughts as well.
To teach is to demonstrate. There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time. From your demonstration others learn, and so do you. The question is not whether you will teach, for in that there is no choice. The purpose of the course might be said to provide you with a means of choosing what you want to teach on the basis of what you want to learn. You cannot give to someone else, but only to yourself, and this you learn through teaching. Teaching is but a call to witnesses to attest to what you believe. It is a method of conversion. This is not done by words alone. Any situation must be to you a chance to teach others what you are, and what they are to you. No more than that, but also never less.
The curriculum you set up is therefore determined exclusively by what you think you are, and what you believe the relationship of others is to you. In the formal teaching situation, these questions may be totally unrelated to what you think you are teaching. Yet it is impossible not to use the content of any situation on behalf of what you really teach, and therefore really learn. To this the verbal content of your teaching is quite irrelevant. It may coincide with it, or it may not. It is the teaching underlying what you say that teaches you. Teaching but reinforces what you believe about yourself. Its fundamental purpose is to diminish self-doubt. This does not mean that the self you are trying to protect is real. But it does mean that the self you think is real is what you teach.
This is inevitable. There is no escape from it. How could it be otherwise? Everyone who follows the world’s curriculum, and everyone here does follow it until he changes his mind, teaches solely to convince himself that he is what he is not. Herein is the purpose of the world. What else, then, would its curriculum be? Into this hopeless and closed learning situation, which teaches nothing but despair and death, God sends His teachers. And as they teach His lessons of joy and hope, their learning finally becomes complete.
Except for God’s teachers there would be little hope of salvation, for the world of sin would seem forever real. The self-deceiving must deceive, for they must teach deception. And what else is hell? This is a manual for the teachers of God. They are not perfect, or they would not be here. Yet it is their mission to become perfect here, and so they teach perfection over and over, in many, many ways, until they have learned it. And then they are seen no more, although their thoughts remain a source of strength and truth forever. Who are they? How are they chosen? What do they do? How can they work out their own salvation and the salvation of the world? This manual attempts to answer these questions.

acim workbook


Thoughts and Quotes for Today 2.25.14 February 25, 2014

1. Thoughts are an important part of your inner wisdom—and they are very powerful. A thought held long enough and repeated often enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes your biology. Beliefs are energetic forces that create the physical basis for your individual life and your health. ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup


2. What if it turns out that the separate personal you is meaningless, insignificant and unimportant? Is this something that you can accept, or is it something that you are going to fight against and try to prove wrong? What if it turns out that your acceptance is key to an awareness of Love, Peace and Joy? Are you torn?


3. You are all geniuses, and you’re all beautiful. You don’t need anyone to tell you who you are. You are what you are. ~ John Lennon


4. “Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to change the world so that they can be happy. This hasn’t ever worked, because it approaches the problem backward. What The Work gives us is a way to change the projector—mind—rather than the projected. It’s like when there’s a piece of lint on a projector’s lens. We think there’s a flaw on the screen, and we try to change this person and that person, whomever the flaw appears on next. But it’s futile to try to change the projected images. Once we realize where the lint is, we can clear the lens itself. This is the end of suffering, and the beginning of a little joy in paradise.”  ~ Byron Katie


5. It hurt like hell when she seemed to have died and left me alone. And then I found her there in my mind – with me – not separate, just as we are all joined, always one – never separate and alone. ~ Benny


6. The more I focus my mind upon the good, the more good comes to me. The key is that my thinking creates my experiences. I use this key in every area of my life. ~ Louise Hay

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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.3.13 November 3, 2013

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1. Any story that we tell about ourselves is food for the ego. There IS NO Authentic “story”. 


2. “Self-hate is based on the premise that underneath is self-love. Self-hate comes from the idea that we have somehow fallen short of the Love that we are.” – Dalai Lama

I was floored by this one, how common-sensical! How obvious!–I hate myself when I go against the Love that I am. I go against the Love that I am when I buy into the negative false beliefs my ego holds. 
So how do I get back to the Love that I am? I get to know, and then undo, the negative beliefs I hold, then, one by one, bit by bit, step by step, I will uncover that Love.


3. Laughter, affection, kindness, joy, exercise, self-care, sharing are all ways to feed our hearts and to reverse heart dis-ease. ~ Jacob Glass


4. Just a re-minder…. Be Aware of the temptation to blame, judge, condemn, and attack. To compare and compete. To correct or try to fix our brother. That’s not our job. Forgive and ask for help to see the Christ in the “other”. Greet each “other” with a smile. Treat each “other” as you would want to be treated. Love one another. Let this be the essence of our Spiritual practice, for it is only our Self that we meet and it is our Self that we would find and know. Everything I GIVE, I GIVE to myself… IF I don’t like what I am GETTING, I can look at what I AM GIVING… 


5. “When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy (Wholly) encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself.”  ~ A Course In Miracles



Thoughts and Quotes for Today 10.20.13 October 20, 2013

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1. You are your only hope, because we’re not changing until you do. Our job is to keep coming at you, as hard as we can, with everything that angers, upsets, or repulses you, until you understand. We love you that much, whether we’re aware of it or not. The whole world is about you. ~ Byron Katie

2. Can you imagine such a place where you don’t need to be loved? It’s a very quiet place. In this place our Love becomes very open, very broad, very beautiful, very strong.

3. The self that needs protection is not Real… ~ A Course In Miracles

4. Stay at the center of the circle and let all things take their course. ~ Lao Tzu

5. What we are asked to do is to Love, and this Love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy.” ― Thomas Merton ….. more and more this holds so True and it becomes easier and easier to do. in fact, it is the easiest thing we could do … as long as we do not invite the ego to join. Choose Again

6. “You Love not because that person belongs to your family. You Love not because he/she is of the same religious belief as you. You Love not because he is your son, she is your daughter or your wife. You love because that person needs to be loved. That’s all. You Love without conditions whatsoever. It means unconditional Love. You Love in order to bring relief to that person, to transform the suffering in that person, to offer Joy to him, to offer happiness to him because he needs that. You don’t ask for anything in return.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

7. Each unknown or misunderstood person is but a facet of our One Jewel waiting for you to polish. Take a moment to see their sparkle.

8. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be totally committed some of the time…

Baby Buddha


Thoughts and Quotes for Today 8.24.13 August 24, 2013

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Heading over to Sequim, Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Washington so today is another travel day… so I thought I would share this WONDERFUL message from Jacob Glass


“You can wait, delay, paralyze yourself, or reduce your creativity
almost to nothing. But you cannot abolish it.” 
– A Course in Miracles

Like your Divine Parent, you are a born creator. It is your nature to be creative, and creators create. When you are not creating, you will tend to feel less joyful and less alive because you are denying who and what you are. And that in itself is a key point – create from JOY and to stimulate JOY rather than to try to achieve, accomplish or get something. All of that frequently happens when you create, but it is not the point. Create because it is your Divine Destiny to do so.

Writers write. Lovers love. Mothers mother. Painters paint. Singers sing. Farmers farm. Teachers teach. Runners run. Researchers research. And each of you have a multitude of roles to play. You must keep pouring forth creativity from within, FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, because it is an expression of the One Life, the One Mind, AS YOU. The only reason you sometimes lack joy in this is because you have allowed the ego thought system to pervert this process with myths about competition, finite resources, getting something out of it, SELLING, bartering, marketing, branding, forcing, sacrificing, schedules, worldly expectations, suffering and a whole litany of lies used to terrify you into creative paralysis. DO NOT LET EGO STEAL YOUR JOY! JOY is the attracting factor in your life.

Go back to the well again every day to draw from the Infiinite SOURCE of all creativity and drink from the JOYOUS Living Waters. Then, when you come back to the world, begin to pour forth from within you whatever is your daily portion – GIVE IT OUT from within you freely and joyfully. Creators create whether anyone is noticing, paying attention, giving praise, paying or not. Is is your nature to bring forth what is within you whether the world notices or not. And the more you do this, the happier you will become.

“Every day of our lives, in some form or other, we meet with the same problem which the poor widow faced when Elijah said, “Bring me, I pray thee, a morsel of bread,” and perhaps we may feel just as destitute as did she. Fortunately for her, she had enough spiritual intuition to understand his request; and so when she answered that she had, “but a handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse,” the great Hebrew master told her to make him a little cake first because “the barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail.” She OBEYED. She took her cruse of oil with its few drops and began to pour, and it never ran dry because to the few drops that she had were added more and  more.” – Joel Goldsmith, Our Spiritual Resources

Each day you must  pour forth what you can because YOU ARE a Creator, and you must create from what is within you. You MUST LET IT OUT, you must prime the pump. And the more you pour forth, the more there will be. As a Creator, you do not deplete your resources – in fact, what you do not use, you tend to lose – but never all of it. You can reduce it almost to nothing, but you cannot abolish it. When you have creatively seemed to run dry, it is almost always because you have forgotten about the JOY and have become distracted by calendars, clocks, contracts, deadlines, finances, chores, reputuation and the thousands of ego distraction that tell you who you are NOT instead of who you ARE.

Each day is your own unique co-creation with the Life in you and around you. What will you pour forth today from this JOYOUS Source?

Freedom to be YOU


Thoughts and Quotes for Today 3.12.13 March 12, 2013

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1. Everyone in my Life has come to teach me… There is a purpose in being together…


2. In quietness are all things answered, and is every problem quietly resolved. A Course In Miracles


3. There are people we meet in life that make everything seem magical. Cherish them.


4. To love ones Self is the beginning of a life-long romance.


Be the Light


‎(Helpful for New ACIM Students) January 10, 2013

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You cannot have a false sense of nothing. You cannot have a distorted perception of nothing. You cannot have a counterfeit of nothing. It must be a distorted sense of something. It must be a counterfeit of something. You cannot have a counterfeit $4 bill, because there is no real $4 bill to be counterfeited.
“I would really like to understand where I’m misperceiving what the Course is saying about the body.”
ANSWER: The difficulty lies in the fact that the Course, itself, is written for a readership of egos who do not realize that they are egos, who do not realize that there is any alternative to the means of perception which the Course refers to as ego perception. Therefore, for those who believe that “what they see is what they get,” and that that is all there is to everything, there needed to be a clear statement of the illusory nature of everything that was being experienced–that egos viewing life through the lens of the ego, were experiencing a distortion that could not be taken as fact, that could not be taken as real, because the perception did not allow for an awareness of God in it.
This set of books was addressed to those who have embraced the Darwinian theory of evolution, of physical evolvement out of nothing by pure random chance–no underlying intelligence behind it or underneath it, but order that just happened to happen.
The phrase, “ashes to ashes and dust to dust,” reflects this evolutionary, physical interpretation of everything that is going on as though what comes into existence is very temporary and then goes back into nonexistence–all of it simply being the effect of matter, of physical evolution.
From within that frame of reference, the experience of everything is false. And this fact needed to be bluntly and clearly stated so that it might dislodge those who read these books from their confidence that they grasp what everything is, and that they are interpreting it and experiencing it correctly.
So, the books speak unequivocally in this respect, and it is the reason that the very first lesson says, “Nothing I see means anything.”
At the bottom line that seems very destructive and undermining of one’s ability to feel comfortable. “If nothing means anything, then what is the use in my existing?” But, you see, the intent of that lesson is to create such a stir as to “un-rut” people from their accepted beliefs and their firm convictions based upon those beliefs, so that they might be brought to a point where they would say, “If nothing that I see means anything, what does mean something?”
You see, that involves a shift, a stepping back from automatic confidences and inner assurances, and causes one to look beyond, or somewhere else. In that looking, in that inquisitiveness, one puts oneself in the position of inspiration, of enlightenment, of the registering of what the Holy Spirit is conveying, the registering of what is Really going on, which has been blocked by one’s confidences that he knows just exactly what this physical world is, and is fairly confident that he knows where it came from and how it came about.
In the act of inquisitiveness, of openness, it becomes possible for what the Father is to register with one. This is why the Course was written in such unequivocal terms. The terms do not allow one to hang onto even their highest concept of what the earth and what the world and what the body is. It doesn’t allow one to harbor pet theories–even more enlightened concepts of what it all is than everyone else has–because even those stand in the way of one’s being receptive to the truly undistorted perception of what everything is.
You could say that the Course is the great “un-rutter.” But, something must come after what has been un-rutted. Now one has freedom of movement. One is not caught in a channel from which there can be no variation. Out of the rut there is total freedom of movement, so there must come an experience and an understanding of the territory in which this freedom is occurring.
Now comes the opportunity to more correctly discern the world that has not disappeared, and understand it in the context of the infinite expression of the Father. In my working with those who find their way to have a conversation, this perspective is being provided as well.
You see, as I have also indicated, you cannot have a false sense of nothing. You cannot have a distorted perception of nothing. You cannot have a counterfeit of nothing. It must be a distorted sense of something. It must be a counterfeit of something. You cannot have a counterfeit $4 bill, because there is no real $4 bill to be counterfeited.
That which the ego has been looking at has been the presence of the Father. But the ego, in order to maintain its apparent and supposed existence, must deny the existence of the Father, and so the ego redefines everything in its own distorted way.
Tell me, if you wish to take the first narrative of Creation given in the Bible, in which everything that was made was made, and the Father beheld it, “and behold, it was very good”–in other words, the Father saw Himself in it–why is it that there needed to be a second description of Creation, which truly refers to the ego’s process of re-identifying what the Father has made, in which everything becomes named?
Everything already was. It was what it was, and what it was was known and experienced fully. There was no need to name it, except that the ego, in order to succeed in denying the Father, had to redefine that which the Father had already defined as His own Self-expression. The ego needed to redefine it in its own terms, thus apparently making that thing independent and different from what was truly the only creative Movement, which is described in the first chapter of Genesis.
Now, the process of Awakening is a process of releasing the ego’s definitions, which are false, and, along with those false definitions, the distorted experience of That which has always been as the expression of the Father. One becomes freed from concepts or definitions and receptive to the clear, undistorted experience of what the original Creation was and is that required the ego to redefine It in order to apparently make a creation unlike the Father’s.
Mind you, the ego is incapable of creating anything. Therefore its “creation” was constituted of a distorting of the perception of the only Creation there was, and, by virtue of that false definition, causing the only Creation there was to appear to be unlike its Source, and therefore independent of the Father.
So, you see, literally everything the ego sees, which is constituted of its biasing of Creation Itself, is false, and cannot achieve great heights. It cannot exalt itself and become worthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. The biased perception of Reality will fade. It will dissolve. It will no longer be. But there will not be a void in its place.
What will be left will be the original and ongoing Movement of Creation that the Father is and always has been being. But, I will tell you that your experience of It will be radically different from your experience of It now.
The key factor that needs to be understood is that once one is unrutted, one cannot continue walking around in a state of denial, stating that “there can be no God in my experience because it is all illusion.” If one continues to deny the body or the forms in the world, one is denying the very place where the Father is being the Movement of Creation with absolute perfection. And if one is turning away from it on the basis that it is “absolute illusion” (which is like talking about dry water), one then does not have his attention in the very place where the Father is present to be recognized. That is nonproductive, and it inhibits the further experience of freedom that is now necessary since one has become un-rutted.
I am not contradicting what the Course says. What the Course says still stands. You must understand that it is referring to everything that is seen from within the ego’s frame of reference. As one moves out of the ego’s frame of reference and accesses his or her own greater capacity to be aware divinely, the distortions and the limits of the ego’s frame of reference begin to fall away, and greater evidences of harmony begin to unfold. The undistorted perception of Reality “comes to view,” and it is experienced as transformation or healing.
The fact is that one must recognize that unless he or she is totally awakened, whenever he or she looks at anything, he or she is not seeing its absolute divine Meaning. One is still seeing, to one degree or another, the distortion inherent in the ego’s frame of reference.

Conducted by the Northwest Foundation for ACIM



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