C.Faith Holland

Soul Coaching

Coaching is Different September 22, 2012

How is Coaching different than therapy and goal setting?
Wellness Coaching is looking into the mirror of Life to discover who you really are at this moment in time. It is not about examining your past in order to fix problems (i.e. therapy) nor is it simply setting goals to be attained somewhere in the future. Coaching is about learning to be comfortable while living in this human form, learning to be friends with the many parts and aspects of yourself including the many traits of personality, ego, Essence or Spirit.

The coaching relationship does not set out to create something from nothing – but you will find that seemingly new things occur in your life, transforming perhaps all aspects of your life. In truth, your life IS ever changing and evolving and if you slow down and take a look at it under the microscope of the coaching sessions you will be amazed at what you uncover. Listening to your inner knowing, your true heart’s desires, will allow you to act with certainty at every twist and turn of life’s path.

All your dreams and desires already exist in the state of potentiality—desires for prosperity, wholeness, loving relationships, life purpose and fulfillment, compassionate service to others—they are either manifesting in your life right under your somewhat narrow gaze or they exist in the darkened rooms of your soul’s inner life, awaiting you to turn on the light of awareness and bring them into view.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong. All that is beautiful and peaceful and joyous is right here before you, not waiting off somewhere in a distant time or place. Joy – Love – Fulfillment these are not things one accomplishes by ‘good’ planning or ‘good’ work nor things that come as a reward for cleaning up your ‘bad’ past. They are ways of Being–Now, Here. The state of Being that you hunger for is only covered over temporarily by a mind (ego) that wants to be in control. Meanwhile your heart aches for freedom. Choose your heart’s message and melt away the resistances of mind. Choose to uncover Joy, Freedom, Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Gratitude – the things that remind you of your Power, your Source, your Beauty,  your Essence.

Though our coaching conversations may cover many things: situations, expectations, plans and actions, the coaching relationship exists at a level much deeper than these apparent topics. As our hearts lock in on a synchronous note or vibration, you will find yourself remembering who you really are and why you are here. Decisions and choices are not difficult then but appear obvious and natural. Action steps unfold spontaneously and intuitively. Part of my job will be to hold you accountable for the planned actions – you will let me know how you like to be held accountable.

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