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How’s your Heart today?? October 15, 2012

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Thought for Today 10.15.12:

“Unless we learn to face our own shadows (our false beliefs and fears we project on the world we see), we will continue to see them in others, because our world outside is simply a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs projected onto the world we see.”

We sometimes spend much of our day on auto pilot, not checking in to see  how our heart is doing. We run on self will and often times wonder why we end up in off the ditch somewhere thinking thoughts that offer us nothing but stress and fear. There is a better way, by directing our thoughts to Joy, Peace, Harmony… This is a much more helpful choice when we start to veer off the path, and require vigilance and practice… Being Heart Centered offers some of the following practices:

  • Learn and practice the art of deep listening.
  • Learn and start practicing the fine balance of surrender and active redirection.
  • Learn and start remembering that no one thought or feeling lasts forever or holds all power.
  • Discover and ALLOW the Power of awareness to observe and give our Self time to respond.

So what does it “look” like to learn the art of deep listening? One thing that is required for this listening practice is to stop taking things personally and start checking in with our thinking and where our focus is being directed… in this part of listening we must stop thinking it has anything to do with outside of us, and recognize there is a Gift here FOR us, OR it simply would not be in front of US… We have decided to give up our Joy for what is in front of US… Something or someone says or does something that has triggered a reaction in us…

We decide to react to the person or situation with lack of Love, with fear, anger,  judgement, withdrawal or attack. From this place we cannot hear/see what is being said/taught and as a result we lose our Joy (we are the teacher and the student and we are always teacher ourselves what we need as a student, this is why we say Thank you, Thank You, Thank YOU) when our focus is on what is really being said/taught (instead of how we are going to respond or defend) we can listen deeper and truly hear what is being taught… IF it disturbs US in anyway, we can ASK Wholly Spirit for assistance and for OUR mind to be healed, this is where the conflict IS, we ask something like “what is the false belief that is asking to be revealed therefore healed”  OR “Wholly Spirit, I must have decided wrongly because I am not at Peace, I made the decision myself, I want to decide otherwise, because I want Peace” And from here, we can listen deeper, and HEAR what is being said/taught..

Another part of this that is required is that we actually have a desire for Peace more than ANY other outcome… IF we are looking to be “right” or to “win” the argument or to “prove” something, including how much smarter we are, how much injustice there is in the world (victimhood), how much “unfairness” there is in this situation, then we are simply NOT allow Peace to be our goal because we have any or all these other goals in conflict with our choice for Peace… I want the Peace of God/Creator/Source, to say these words is one thing, to actually MEAN them, would be EVERYTHING…


The split mind…. October 2, 2012

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The split mind…

We have a split mind, in our THINKING, not in Truth… In Truth we are Whole and Complete now and forever, nothing is ever missing or separate… Our Spirit thought system offers Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Joining… the ego thought system offers US fear, anger, resentment, frustration, anxiety, concern, etc… It is our choice in each moment which thought system we will feed.. this is not about one being good or bad… it is simply one is REAL the other is NOT… Spirit will lead US down the path that is Peaceful..  However this must be said here, this does NOT mean life will show up differently or perfectly to the ego thought system and the outer world may not change immediately, it means that when we COMMIT to Peace, in other words, choose to think with our Spirit mind, there will be another way of SEEING… one that allow the opportunity for Peace, when we drop our stories of littleness and how we THINK things should BE… We are the thinker of our thoughts and we can direct our thoughts… When we make Peace our One goal, this one commitment will allow for another way…

What does this mean???

It simply means when we go INWARD and ASKED to see this situation, thought or feeling, differently… We cease relying on our own interruption of all things and allow for a new way of “SEEING”… When we say I KNEW this was going to happen, of course we did, we locked it in and prevented ANY other possibilities… A  Course in Miracles says it this way “Resign now as your  own teacher, as you have been badly taught.” We can return our thoughts to Peace and not decide what anything means or is for… Is this hard to do?? At first, yes, it is much more difficult… this IS the practice, IF we want Peace… Another place in A Course in Miracles it says “You are much too tolerant of mind wandering, and are passively condoning your mind’s miscreations”  For me, this simply means I have not been directing my thoughts toward Peace… I love what Jacob Glass has said regarding our minds being like puppies, we don’t have a good puppy or a bad puppy, we have an untrained puppy… IF we want to know, experience and LIVE Peace, we will need to start with this training of our minds…

Some of you have expressed interest in starting the Lessons of A Course in Miracles… I have and am inviting you to join US (if it feels right for you) January 1, 2013, when we will start the 365 Lessons of A Course in Miracles… I offer a suggestion, IF this is your first time with the Lessons and Text, you might want to read a few books between now and January 1st. Books such as Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love and Paul Ferrini’s I am the Door, were books which I found very helpful in getting a better understanding of some of the wording/verbiage used in ACIM… these books were helpful for me when I was unable to “understand” the challenging wording of ACIM, which seemed to have been was written for the intellectual in US, AND it was an obstacle for me in the beginning… my higher self wanted to learn, while my ego mind kept me thinking this is “too hard”…  these books made it easier to hear and digest… I also loved the book The Shack by Wm Paul Young… The Shack was a book I read many years later and I found to be very helpful in SEEING things differently… Questioning our thoughts and beliefs about concepts that had been present around the ideas of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, it shows how our THINKING about situations are Truly our only obstacle to Peace…

There is something called Cause and Effect in A Course in Miracles that we will be looking into more closely as we go forward with this blog…

Namaste, Faith




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