C.Faith Holland

Soul Coaching

Resisting the Temptation for Conflict January 18, 2016

Filed under: Love,With A Grateful Heart — C. Faith Holland @ 12:33 pm

Divine Love, I’m feeling tempted to engage in judgement and/or conflict toward another person. I find their words, habits or behaviors to be annoying or offensive. I AM WILLING to consider that other people simply mirror my/our own judgments and limiting thoughts back to me/us. If I am seeing someone else as inadequate, then it must be that I am feeling inadequate. If I am judging someone else as committed to pain, suffering guilt, misery or attack, then it must be that I am judging myself hostilely. I am learning that I cannot see in others what I am unable to identify within myself. I AM WILLING to forgive this person and use what they are showing me as a reminder to bless and forgive myself. Please heal my thoughts and help me to see the Truth as You created it. Thy will be done.. And so it is!!

I am blessed


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