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Simple Truth 1.31.2016 January 31, 2016

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My Heart is at ease knowing that what is meant FOR me will never miss me, and that which misses me was never meant FOR me…

grant me strength


Resisting the Temptation for Conflict January 18, 2016

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Divine Love, I’m feeling tempted to engage in judgement and/or conflict toward another person. I find their words, habits or behaviors to be annoying or offensive. I AM WILLING to consider that other people simply mirror my/our own judgments and limiting thoughts back to me/us. If I am seeing someone else as inadequate, then it must be that I am feeling inadequate. If I am judging someone else as committed to pain, suffering guilt, misery or attack, then it must be that I am judging myself hostilely. I am learning that I cannot see in others what I am unable to identify within myself. I AM WILLING to forgive this person and use what they are showing me as a reminder to bless and forgive myself. Please heal my thoughts and help me to see the Truth as You created it. Thy will be done.. And so it is!!

I am blessed


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