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Thought for Today 1.11.15 January 11, 2015

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As some of you might have noticed, I posted a blog and then deleted it… it was about change, I had the quote on the 7th of January but did not find a photo to go with it, so there it sat in my drafts… THEN today, I went to search the internet for a photo to go with the quote, and posted it… after only a few minutes I realized that the quote was simply BS… not one word was true and why in the world would I want to promote that THOUGHT??? Change IS NOT difficult, but IT WILL BE IF I SAY IT IS!!! so I deleted that thought as our Lesson in ACIM today is  LESSON 11 My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world. Therefore “CONTROL, ALT, DELETE!!!” that was a meaningless thought that was creating suffering in my world… Change IS EASY is just as TRUE, IF I let it BE!!! Namaste, Faith

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