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Thought for Today 7.4.14 July 4, 2014

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There are many things we do that we call `loving` which are not. Worrying about someone is not love. Fearing for their life is not love. Feeling guilty about what you did to them or how you affected them is not love. All of these things are designed to position ourselves as victimized in order to `atone` for fears we’ve made real which are unfounded. All fears are unfounded. Worry is attack. Fear is murderous… Below is a “Prayer Treatment” for Couples but could be for any relationship… it’s by Jacob Glass


Relationship Prayer Treatment for Couples

God has brought us together and this relationship has been touched by Him. I place it in His care. I believe that Love is the greatest Truth. This relationship is a source of Joy and inspiration to us both and gratitude fills our hearts. All that we need comes to us. Divine Supply sustains us. Angels surround us and support our lives. We are safe to Love and be Loved. We are free to play and laugh together. It is safe for us to relax into this happiness. I commit myself this day to the highest Love of which I am capable. We are safe to share the truth without  attack. We truly know and see each other. We are a safe space for one another. Our love blesses and supports us. We have been drawn together by God’s power for His purposes. God sustains and sources every aspect of our Love. Words of praise and acknowledgement flow freely and abundantly between us. Intimacy, tenderness and good humor fill our conversations. All past guilt and negative patterns are released and we are set free. Jealousy, envy and mistrust are washed away and find no home in us. All power struggles dissolve and we relax into the Divine Flow. Trust and honesty grow daily in our hearts and minds. We choose to focus on Love and to let go of the rest. God chooses the form which is perfect for our ultimate happiness. Judgments and criticism cease as we acknowledge the best in one another. Our physical relationship is loving, stimulating and fulfilling. All communications are filtered through the Divine Veil and only what is loving  and true is heard. God Himself corrects every mistake. Patience and compassion rule our hearts. We receive all that we give. Thank you for this precious Gift. Thank You for the blessing of this magnificent person. Thank You for our Love. Thank You for our lives. We are Healed. And so it IS… Amen

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