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Thought for Today 5.29.14 May 29, 2014

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“Allow all things to be used for their intended purpose and NOT the one I assign it… “



Thought for Today 5.28.14 May 28, 2014

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“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” ~ Maya Angelou

life is a dance



Thought for Today 5.27.14 May 27, 2014

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There are FAR FAR better things ahead than any we leave behind. ~ C. S. Lewis



Thought for Today 5.25.14 May 25, 2014

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Walking through Closed Doors: 

Even if you don’t know why a door is closed, at least respect the fact that it is closed and don’t struggle with the doorknob.

If the door was open, you would know it. Wanting it to be open does not make it open.

Much of the pain in your life happens when you attempt to walk through closed doors or try to put square pegs into round holes.

You try to hold onto someone who is ready to go, or you try to get somebody to do something before s/he is ready.

Instead of accepting what is and working with it, you interfere with it and try to manipulate it to meet your perceived needs.

Obviously, this doesn’t work. It just creates strife for yourself and others. ~ Paul Ferrini



Thought for Today 5.24.14 May 24, 2014

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Peace of mind is an “internal matter”. The problem is that most of the time we think it results from the outer world meeting our needs. ~ ~ ~ Ken Wapnick 




Thought for Today 5.21.14 May 21, 2014

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That is the real secret. To accept what happens as perfect synchronicity in your life. Regardless of how good or bad you perceive those experiences to be, they would never happen in the first place if not meant towards your highest good. Your life has always been perfect for you and it always will be.


create your own happiness


Thought for Today 5.20.14 May 20, 2014

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“How many of your issues stem from ‘other people’? When you realize you are the common denominator amongst all of your experiences, it is about you, not ‘them’. This empowers you, because healing is in your hands, not ‘theirs’. When we blame we give away our power. When we take ownership, we heal.”




Thoughts and Quotes for Today 5.19.14 May 19, 2014

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The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but thoughts about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. ~ Eckhart Tolle 



Thought for Today 5.18.14 May 18, 2014

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Even if you become an astronaut and discover other planets, it will not be as great as discovering your own Self right here on Earth.

~ Mooji

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.” -Rita Schiano

talk about our Joy


Thought for Today 5.15.14 May 15, 2014

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You really don’t have to try so hard. That’s why there are Miracles. Remember?? ~ The Universe



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