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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 4.2.14 April 2, 2014

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1. I am the PERFECT age. Each Year is precious to me, as I shall only live once. I am comfortable with growing older. ~ Jacob Glass


2. I allow myself to be satisfied and grateful. I trust that I am enough. I enjoy what I am and what I have. I release the craving for more. I am fully alive in the present moment. I relax and trust that Life Loves Me.


3. “Life can be wildly tragic at times, and I’ve had my share. But whatever happens to you, you have to keep a slightly comic attitude. In the final analysis, you have got not to forget to laugh.” ~ Katherine Hepburn. … (note to self: do not take anything personally)


4. Take the worthiness that is yours, and let the “Fairies of the Universe” assist you. Stop taking so much responsibility upon yourself, and live happily ever after. Shorten that crevasse between where you are and where you want to be, on every subject, to now, now, now, now, now. Ride the wave. Just pluck the fruit… You don’t have to be the one who puts it in the ground any more. You can just skip across the top of things and pluck the fruit of all of the things you want. “Oh, fruit. Oh, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this.” In other words, it’s all right there for you; it’s ready for you to receive it as fast and as soon as you will vibrationally let it in. – Abraham


5. Imagining yourself to be the body, no wonder you have all these ailments.
Imagining yourself to be the mind, no wonder you have all these worries.
Knowing yourself to be consciousness,  no wonder there is all this space and peace.
Realising you are the unborn awareness,  no wonder you are supremely happy.  
~ Mooji



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