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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 12.23.13 December 23, 2013

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1. Today We Affirm: I AM waking up to myself more each day. In this Holy Week I AM giving birth to my true Self as I release all that no longer serves me and open up to all the gifts of the Universe – my arms open wide. The more good I allow in my life, the more I have to share and to spare with my sisters and brothers. I AM a Divine Center of loving abundance. I boldly and gratefully embrace this new day knowing that Life loves me and that everything I need is here and now.  ~ Jacob Glass

2. When ideas are shared they are strengthened. That is a good reason to gather – to share and strengthen ideas that are better than what the world would have us believe. This whole shebang is just an idea (a tiny mad idea) – ideas of separation, guilt, suffering and death. Forget those ideas. Let’s share and strengthen ideas of Innocence, Oneness, Love and Peace.

3, We are teaching, and we teach all of the time. We teach what we are. Teach only Love. Teach only Joy. The Joy of teaching will be ours when we teach Joy, and when we accept no compromise in which death plays a part (death being anything that is not Love and Joy).

4. Nothing exists outside of US that can alter the inside of US.

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