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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.26.13 November 26, 2013

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1. Getting “Real” or “Genuine”  means I don’t have an image to maintain (no more image management). I don’t care about fitting in, and I don’t care what the popular opinion is of the society we live in. I live what feels “right” for me, even if it appears to be “weird”.


2. Life is not meant to be serious. Laughter is even more uplifting and healing than any form of prayer, meditation or chanting. ~ Anita Moorjani


3. There are many ways of seeing this work. One is to take 100% responsibility for all that happens.
If i do not KNOW that everything is FOR me, then that way of seeing invokes guilt: i am responsible, this sucks … ergo: i must be guilty…. a gentler way of seeing is to say that, yes, this happened, and yes, i think this sucks, AND somehow it must be for me (faith based position) so I have to keep looking at it with the help of the holy Spirit to see it differently. I have to power to interpret. who is the ‘i’ interpreting? the small ‘i’ ego self or the capital I higher Self? I will know whose opinion I asked by how i feel.


4. “Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.” ― Rumi