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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.10.13 November 10, 2013

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1. Being at Peace: We don’t come to peace by trying to change others.  We come to peace by being peaceful in our own hearts and minds. The goal of peace and the process of peace are one and the same. ~ Paul Ferrini


2. Today We Affirm: People are wonderful, Life is good,and God is guiding me. I am drawing all the very best out of everyone I meet as I focus my attention and open my heart to their goodness. Each day my joy and peace are growing as I choose to experience the very best of Life that lies before me. I tell my truth quickly, live authentically from Source and release all others to live exactly as they choose without attachment. I am grateful, happy and filled with Joie de Vivre! ~ Jacob Glass (I went to see Jacob at Unity yesterday morning, he was celebrating 23 years of teaching here in Santa Barbara, he spoke for 2 1/2 hours straight, it was an amazing GIFT I gave myself)


3. A relationship is what the ego uses as external validation supporting the idea of specialness and separateness, and it is what the Holy (Wholly) Spirit would use to teach us that we are love and love is one. 


4. The ideal relationship is not a matter of one being dependent upon the other to get something. It is when two or more come together for the increased joy of sharing what each already has and is. And love is all there is. Love and joy are a package deal.You cannot have one without the other, and both are increased when shared. ~ Thanks Benny




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