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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 10.7.13 October 7, 2013

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1. An exercise in letting go need not be painful as long as it is filled with the willingness to see with an Open Heart.

2. “People are afraid to be nothing. But being nothing is only one aspect of it. Not only is it nothing to be afraid of, it’s a cause for celebration. Without your stressful story, there is no stress — obviously! When you don’t believe your thoughts, there’s only laughter and peace. There are names for a place like that. I call it heaven. And how can people know what nothingness is while they still believe what they think? ‘Something is better than nothing’ — can you absolutely know that that’s true?” – Byron Katie

3. “You can’t make a wrong decision, you can only experience the story arising about how you did it. I like to ask, “Are you breathing yourself?” No? Well, maybe you’re not thinking yourself or making decisions either. Maybe it doesn’t move until it moves, like a breath, like the wind. And you tell the story of how you are doing it to keep yourself from the awareness you are nature, flowing perfectly.” ~ Byron Katie

4. Whenever I find myself having to correct another, I have been pulled out of my own business. This is just another ego ploy to make me right and another wrong, thus keeping this illusion of separation going…

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Believing is seeing


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