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A Year to Live Online Workshop September 21, 2013

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Good Morning, tomorrow, for those who are drawn to JOIN US, we begin our Year Long Commitment to the “A Year to Live” 

The Conference Call begins at 7am PST (please arrive at least a few minutes early to check in) if you have asked to JOIN or wish to JOIN and have not received an invitation yet, please send a message to my email box… A reminder for those who are on the list already will be sent out later today. 

Requirements as follows:

1. This is a Full Year Commitment with a once per month Conference Call

2. Purchase the “A Year to Live” book by Stephen Levine, you can buy the book on Amazon or iBook instantly for 8.99 (if you do not have it yet, that is OK, as this first Conference Call is more about discussing our commitment to the workshop, IF you do have the book, please read at least the first chapter) 

3. Be prepared for an amazing experience

4. The fee for the workshop: 100 USD for the entire year OR 10 USD per Conference Call on the 4th Sunday of each month, NO ONE IS EVER REFUSED due to money concerns who wishes to JOIN US, so please let me know if you have money concerns but would still like to JOIN … If you are not able to attend the call, I have paid to have each Conference Call recorded for those who are not able to join us on the call, you will have access to listen to the call at a later date

If you have any questions please email me… 

Love and Light, Faith