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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 9.10.13 September 10, 2013

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1. The willingness to tell the truth about who you are is the willingness to no longer be a victim—regardless of pain, circumstances, or the real horror that occurs in the world.  It doesn’t mean you trivialize or deny it. It means you are encouraged to meet fully the experience of whatever appears. You do not have to hide or run; you do not have to justify. You just meet it. To be willing to be annihilated by it is the willingness to discover directly what can never be annihilated. ~ Gangaji


2. We effort (try) to address our problem in the hopes of happiness
It does not occur to us that the playing with problems IS the problem
It does not occur to us that happiness is bound to unhappiness

It does not occur to us that real Awakening is not dependent on happiness
it does not occur to us that real Awakening is not about addressing problems
It is such magic and amazement that even while we live and change as people
we are utterly free of problem orientation. ~ Sage Lee


3. The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. ~ Captain Jack Sparrow


4. Today We Affirm: Love and Joy are the guiding forces of my life.

I need do nothing to force anything happen for the Divine Plan of my life operates through attraction, not promotion.

I follow the Call to Joy instead of the drive of ambition. My vibration is clear, strong and alive with prospering power.

I listen to the Guidance of the still small Voice and I know that God is on the Field.

Today I am walking through the open doors as I recognize that right where I am, God is, and all is well. ~ Jacob Glass

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