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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 8.20.13 August 20, 2013

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1. Your own being created me in your life to remind you of who you truly are. Don’t depend on me, use me. ~ Mooji

2. I looked into temples, churches and mosques. But I found the Divine within my Heart. ~  Rumi

3. “The Holy Spirit needs a happy learner, in whom His mission can be happily accomplished. You who are steadfastly devoted to misery must first recognize that you
are miserable and not happy.” 
– A Course in Miracles

4.  As I see it . . .

Each day our work is to enlarge our capacity to channel the One Life through us by our willingness and determination to go just a little farther than we have gone before. Our future is determined by what we are thinking, believing and saying today.

The ones who can mentally embody the most are the ones who experience the most that Life has to offer. Therefore our work is not about getting or receiving more, but rather is a matter of providing a larger avenue for It to flow through.

Consciousness animates matter. ~ Jacob Glass