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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 8.18.13 August 18, 2013

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1. To seek people’s love and approval assumes that you aren’t whole. ~ Byron Katie


2. You say, “I want to be in the fire that burns the unreal.” Then I light the match and you say, “I’ll come back in a minute.” This is a very common reaction from the ego mind. Fears come the moment you choose freedom. To really choose freedom is a rare thing, so don’t be surprised.

Then what to do? Stay with choosing freedom. Say ‘yes’ inside your heart and keep quiet. Nothing can stop you from being what you are. Just let the ‘yes’ sink to the very bottom of your being.

Mind says, “Freedom will bring painful changes.” It is not a painful change; it is the most beautiful change. Something, in fact, stops changing and comes to rest in its unchanging root.

Welcome Shiva’s fire, Shiva’s fever, and come Home. Lucky you. Now see with the eyes of your Heart: I am not leaving anywhere. I am not going anywhere. I have never been anywhere. Everywhere— I am.  Confirm!~ Mooji


3. Nothing makes us less spiritual than spiritual competition…


4. Peace is found in accepting what happens without resistance, while trusting that all is for our good. And along with this attitude of surrender and flow one is still quietly mindful of listening for Guidance and following His lead – that compulsive, intuitive hit to do or say something.



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