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Quotes on Living in the Now and Releasing the past August 7, 2013

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1. “A man often suffer the most by suffering what he fears but that never show up.” ~  Joost van den Vondel?


2. Releasing Past and Future:
Our greatest spiritual challenge is to be happy in this moment. We can’t be happy if we are upset about something that happened in the past or worried about achieving some future outcome. We can be happy only when our energy is invested in working with what is happening here and now. ~ Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini


3. For those with a sincere and urgent wish to be liberated, I tell them, ‘Leave everything, starting from this moment.’

Drop all notions about future, past, present — leave everything aside entirely. Don’t save anything or spare any favorite thought or feeling. Such an attitude will bring you a state of unmixed presence whereby all personal questions, doubts and concerns will hold no power. Only like this will you be able to gauge the real fickleness of personality along with its baggage of psychological obsessions. And see if you can fully examine what is now without your add-ons, without your projections, because they are not only myths but they exhaust your being and make you tired and unhappy.

Allow yourself to be empty and experience your fundamental nature free from imagination, fantasy and the hypnosis of conditioning.

When you allow yourself to be empty, visitors show up. They may say, ‘You are going to be stupid,’ or ‘How are you going to take care of your life?’ But just ignore it and discover your peace in this moment. I want to meet a human being who is at peace, not in pieces. ~ Mooji


4. When I was willing to LET GO of what I wanted, I received what was truly mine. I’ve realized the latter is always the greater gift. ~ Anita Moorjani

Let go of our mind and dance