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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 8.2.13 August 2, 2013

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1. Peace is an attribute in you… You cannot find it outside… Illness is some form of searching… Health is Inner Peace…


2. It is impossible to find Peace of Mind as long as thoughts of blame or judgment are given credence. One cannot reach the sky while still rooting in the mud. ~ Thanks Pamela


3. Blaming someone else is an attempt to delude myself into believing that I’m not responsible for how I feel.  ~ Thanks Fred


4. Don’t talk so much about your apparent troubles or how your mind is. That is also feeding the mind… Talk only economically. Get straight to the point. If we talk too much, at some point we will only be telling lies.  ~ Mooji


5. It is not “wrong” to talk about what has happened or is happening… the problem starts when WE start to interpret what IS… we add meaning, we add a story, usually a “story” where we are the “hero” of this situation… when we stop to ASK what the purpose or meaning is of a situation and we LISTEN for the Truth, it is usually there waiting for us… this is NOT a WHY question, it’s a “Help me see the TRUTH” statement…   Namaste, Faith

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