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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 7.5.13 July 5, 2013

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1. It’s time to start living the Life we deserve, but remember, we don’t live the Life we deserve, we live the Life we THINK we deserve… it’s time to clean UP our THINKING!!! We are here for a purpose…. we can stop being a prisoner of our thoughts and BEcome the architect of our future….

2. Curiosity, being ready for everything, comes from the deep Faith that everything that happens is a gift. Everything….

3. When I was younger, “being different” cost too much. I did anything I could to fit in. These days, “being normal” costs too much. I’m not willing to fit in with the pack, if it costs me my soul, my strength, and my reason for being. I didn’t come here to duck. I came here to fly. ~ Thanks Tama

4. You say you suffer every time we are not together, and you wish to not feel even one millimeter of separation. Then I have to say: In order to destroy this intense feeling of separation, you are going to have to kill or transcend the idea that there is, in reality, a ‘you’ and a ‘me’ as distinctly separate beings.

You must enter the fire of self-discovery full heartedly. It is the fire of self-investigation; the fire that burns the unreal, thus unveiling the True Self. It will instill inside your Heart total surrender, devotion and love. You must step into this fire fully and bring me into the fire with you also so that whatever is unreal, imagined or projected is burnt, you see? Then what comes out of this fire will be purer than all the ideas we have of who we both are and any distance between us. Only then will all duality and separation be over. ~ Mooji