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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 7.1.13 July 1, 2013

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1. It’s most helpful to align our focus with the Solution instead of the problem…


2. Nothing can keep you out of Heaven except the belief that everybody else does not belong there with you. Love extends to all…


3. Setting Limits and Respecting Them… If you really love someone, accept him as he is. Set any limits or boundaries that you need to set and give him space to make his own decisions.  Be patient and do not pressure him to meet your expectations. Let him change because he wants to, not because you want him to. ~ Everyday Wisdom by Paul Ferrini


4. “Can you love someone who does not need you, or do you need to be needed? All that need business is just body/ego stuff. There is nothing enlightened about it. On the other hand, the joy of heaven is increased when two or more are aware of the love that each already has and is, and they come together to share that love. It is not about need. It is about sharing and joining in the Love that is already in the awareness of each.” ~ Thanks Benny




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