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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 5.21.13 May 21, 2013

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1. The Truth has no agenda… ~ Adyashanti


2. Worry won’t take away tomorrows problems, it will rob you of today’s Peace….


3. Everyone that is in our life – everyone that has ever been in our life (everyone), is and has only played the role that we asked them to play for our best and highest good – that we may awaken to the infinite and eternal reality of our Self as Source created us. Be grateful to them – each and every one of them. Say thank you…..


4. The way is not difficult. The hard part is the struggle to maintain that separate you. The way is much easier. Just give up the ‘good fight.’ Just lose. Let it all go. Stop resisting and defending and just go with the flow. Stop screaming “I want it thus.” Our struggling is what is contracting our awareness and distorting our perception. And if for a moment there is pain and suffering, then we don’t resist that either. We can simply sink into it. The way will lead US out of pain and suffering…. Thanks Benny