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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 3.29.13 March 29, 2013

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1. Seeking love keeps us from the awareness that we already have it—that we ARE it.


2. Wherever we go, we can go with ALL OUR HEART!!


3. How to get what we really, really want? That’s easy. First we have to know what we really, really want, and then we have to really, really want it (and nothing else). What we really want is freedom – to be free of fear, loneliness, conflict and limitations – that plus an awareness of connectedness, Peace, Love, Joy and well-being. Unfortunately we think we want all manner of lesser temporal things. And to further muddy the waters judgments have given birth to conscious and unconscious guilt and grievances that are actually a wanting for all sorts of unpleasantness. The bottom line is this – if we come to know who/what we ARE, we will have found all that we really, really wanted. Know thy Self. ~ Thanks Benny


4. Real communication is not about something – it is a communion – a joining in Love and Joy. The words/language can only get in the way and actually disrupt communication. This is why a smile, a glance, or a touch can sometimes say so much more than words. Real communication/communion does not even require physical proximity. And yes, it can keep you up at night. We often keep each up nights. Not easy to sleep when there is a party going on – LOL. Your contingency is much closer than you think.


5. I am Pro Love. I am not really anti ANYTHING because that would be like resisting evil. (what we resist will persist) I don’t want to make nonsense like that real or give it my energy by focusing on it. I’m going to focus on teaching only Love. “Teach Only Love, for that is what you ARE.” ~ A Course In Miracles


Peace ~ Wayne Dyer


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