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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 3.24.13 March 24, 2013

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1. “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” ― Rumi

2. One of the greatest Gifts we give ourselves in Life is sharing with someone who knows all our mistakes and differences and yet still finding each other absolutely amazing!!!

3. How to know when I am shifting responsibility for my own happiness and therefore my thoughts are  “OUT of my business” and in “your” business or the Universe’s business ??? Anytime I start with “People ____” or “they ____” or “society_____” or “everyone_____” …. how can this BE??? it’s ALL ME…. starting with my thoughts… We can question our stressful thoughts and turn it around…

4. “Thoughts are like raindrops-would you argue with a raindrop?” ~ Bryon Katie

5. Being Love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. ~ Ram Dass

6. Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises. ~ A Course in Miracles


Forget Safety...


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