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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 3.5.13 March 5, 2013

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1.  If there still appears to be anyone outside of you then your mind still needs healing.


2. Enlightenment or awakening, whatever you want to call it, can be accepted by you at this very moment. It is yours. It is what you are. It is not about something to be achieved in some distant future. It is about accepting a more expansive, loving and aware version of you now. You are that inclusive love and awareness. This moment is the only time that it can be accepted and known.


3. You are wealthy beyond measure, and you are the only one that can possibly deprive yourself of anything. Understand, however, that Love is all there is. Love is all that you can give and all that you can receive. And the more you give the more you have. In fact, your having Love rests on giving Love.


4. In order to forgive I am going to have to have the willingness to ask for help that I might see and understand differently – that I might see that there is nothing to forgive. There is an awakened part of my mind that already knows this. It is that knowingness that I come into alignment with when I ask for help. ~ Thanks Benny!!


5. The Truth is – I have Never been abandoned, even though I cannot always hear the Voice that is guiding me home. I am created by Love in every second. We all are, as are the planets and the starts. So, what is there to fear? ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer