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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.25.13 January 25, 2013

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1. “Defining yourself through thought is limiting yourself. When you fully accept that you don’t know, you actually enter a state of peace and clarity that is closer to who you are truly than thought could ever be.”  ~Eckhart Tolle


2. Changing other people is not your job. This is such a huge relief when it is accepted and embraced – it brings freedom, peace and joy back to our heart and mind. We can pray for others, offer help IF they want it, but beyond that . . . loving them just as they are and just as they are not is the attitude of the miracle worker. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll hang out with them. Free the hostages! ~ Jacob Glass


3. Life’s multiple opportunities for growth, is no representation of your actual measure. Thanks Pamela


4. Wanna change your world? Change your thoughts!

“Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world you see. It is with your thoughts, then, that
we must work, if your perception of the world is to be changed.” ~ A Course in Miracles