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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.19.13 January 19, 2013

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‎1. “Courage is being scared to death – and saddling up anyway.” —John Wayne


2.‎”… judgment rests on the ego’s bread-and-butter principle of one or the other, which invariably means that someone loses as another gains; someone is wrong is another is right” – Kenneth Wapnick, Journey Through The Manual of ACIM


3. The natural state is fearless, bountiful, silent, peaceful…all a free fall in the arms of Love. Dance your way back home now; go within and dive so deep until you see no more sorrow, when only Love is left, it’s your best dance – ever lasting.


4. All relationships are forever. They are eternal. Not just permanent in this lifetime. Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship. What holds “bad” thoughts, situation or beliefs in our life is always our attention to those things, ALWAYS. Let Go… Affirm Believe, Relax, Receive…

 You Are Beautiful