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Thoughts and Quotes for Today January 18, 2013

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1. When I am accepting of Life as it comes, without my stories of  littleness in the form of  “right and wrong”,  “good and bad”, “healthy and unhealthy”, “safe and unsafe”, “love and fear”, “excitement and disappointment” or any other meaning I attach to a thought, I can simply show UP in each moment and ask the purpose of this offers… while knowing it is ALL happening FOR ME to re-member the Truth…


Soul Mate


When we embark on a path of conscious intentional dating (going beyond the history, the conditioning, and the pure ego wants and desires), Real relationships will do EXACTLY this.

And those who can step into it fully, embrace it, and Love this process… will find indescribable Peace and Joy in their relationships. But I will certainly attest – it is “not always fun” to put it mildly!


The GOOD news is that once you KNOW this, you can relax and have some FUN with crazy little thing called Life ….







3. Any object that you think to need, is not required for Who You are.


4. Be AWARE of the temptation to see yourself unfairly treated…