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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.15.13 January 15, 2013

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1. Stress is a signal that you’re asleep. Question your thinking and wake yourself up. ~ Byron Katie


2. You create an entire picture or movie in your mind, and in that picture you are the director, you are the producer, you are the main actor or actress. Everyone else is a secondary actor or actress. It is your movie.  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


3. Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as the ARE…


4. We all smile in the same language…


5. We Affirm: I am writing the story of my life today with my thoughts and words. This is a happy story of Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Health and Wholeness. I am creating it in my mind as I go along and I get to choose how to edit the story. I use Divine Imagination in positive creative ways today as I create the story that I Love to tell and live.