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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.12.13 January 12, 2013

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1. What you think is nowhere close to Reality. Tiny ideas in time cannot begin to measure the eternal.


Calm Down and Cheer Up

By Jacob Glass

“Simplicity is very difficult for twisted minds.”
A Course in Miracles

Try not to try so hard, dear ones. We appreciate and maximize your efforts to the degree that you allow us to – and the way you allow Us to is by getting out of the way, following the Intuition We give you and keeping your eyes on your own paper. Yes, We want you to pay attention, but we do not want you over thinking everything quite so much. When We encourage you to relax, this is not about cultivating  unconsciousness or carelessness. It is actually a focused awareness – but on your own business. Struggling so hard to get it right, to figure things out, to be the perfect student or practitioner – this is valiant and yet hopeless. There is an easier way. Let’s call it, “Do your best and forget the rest” as We’ve heard one of your physical trainers say it. It’s not necessary to hit a home run every single time. There can even be joy in striking out if you have the proper attitude about the game.

You make it very complicated when it is really quite simple, simple, simple. Don’t try to be God. Let God be God. Enjoy the ride more, even though you may not think you like where it is going. Savor the moments, the days, the people. Help Us Help you. Come inside to the Temple more frequently throughout the day for very short periods of time. Let Us soothe and uplift you with Our words and Our Energy. If you want to make a change, ask Us about it and when you receive the Answer, act on it with a calm cheerful energy as best you can. Keep a positive attitude and refuse to whine, worry or complain. Pet the cat. Adopt a rescue dog. Walk in nature more. Sing HAPPY songs very loud when you are alone in the car. Clear out a little bit of clutter each day. Strike up conversations with strangers. Offer to help a friend out. Ask for some help. Let the sun shine on your face for a few minutes each day.

The journey is ruined when you are anxiously chanting “are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?”

Infinite Power