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Note from Byron Katie (What thoughts are keeping you awake at night) January 9, 2013

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A note from Katie:

Dearest Family,

Almost every day I receive emails related to the state of the economy, to stress about income, jobs, and work.

For many people these are stressful times. Things seem to them more uncertain than ever, and they are often consumed by fear: fear of losing their jobs, fear of the conditions in the market, and most of all, fear about their co-workers’ and their own families’ welfare.

I invite you all to use The Work at Work in the same way as you use it in your day-to-day lives: to question your stressful thoughts, whatever they are in the moment. We can’t let go of our thoughts, but when we question them, they let go of us. And I don’t call it The Work for nothing! It is a lot of work in the beginning, and if it is freedom from fear that you are seeking, this economy is an opportunity for many of you to free yourselves in time from what seems like some very stuck areas.

For example, at work, or out of work, or maybe watching as your business shrinks in front of your very eyes, what are the stressful thoughts that take your mind over, replacing your confidence with fear?

What do you imagine that you need to do to boost your business or income?

Now what are you doing that you don’t need to do when it is at the expense of other people’s welfare and your own bankrupted spirit? Are you living mean-mindedly, unconsciously, as you sell yourself out by stepping on others competitively?

Make your list of amends, then make the amends, right out of your heart, asking yourself and others, if need be, how you can make it right, and then make it right.

Question any fearful thoughts that would stop you from making these amends or stop you from doing your real Work, and in the name of love, begin again.

A fearful life is what you can live well without. A fearless life is what you deserve, and enlightenment lived is security lived with or without the income that you think is worth selling your soul (your peace of mind) for. When you have The Work—your own truth surfaced—you have the way, because The Work works out of the answers inside you, the ones more important to you than anything else, the ones beyond physical welfare, that always bring physical welfare with them.

What thoughts are actually keeping you awake at night? What addictions take you over in the midst of your prior and present thinking? Transfer that thinking onto a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and do The Work on them or they will continue to work you. What thoughts keep you from giving your best at work, as well as out of work?

Let’s do The Work at Work where ever we are, in the name of the truth that sets us free: yours!

I love you, family, in every way, rich or poor, as my mind cannot believe any sane reason not to.