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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.9.13 January 8, 2013

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1.  “To enter a state of grace, question the assumption you are defending just now, now ….” ~ Byron  Katie


2. We Affirm: There is a secret place I go each day, high above this physical plane. It is the Secret Place of the Most High – a retreat in Consciousness. There I am fed, sustained, lifted up, renewed, taught, soothed and restored. I can go at any time I choose to remember this Sacred Place. It is always HERE. I rise up above the seeming battleground of the ego thought system to remember Who I am, what my Divine Purpose is, Who created me and how I am Loved. I am not afraid today. I stand on this Holy Ground of BEing in perfect peace. I am not broken or damaged. There is nothing wrong with me. I do not need to be fixed as if I were something found in the trash. All I need is to rise up from time to time in Consciousness to my true Home where I remember the Truth about myself. There is no need for a “new” me – who I AM is sufficient. Today I am loving and accepting myself just as I am, and just as I am not. If I need to be changed in any way Spirit knows how to gently lead me to make those better choices. I can make new positive choices without rejecting any part of myself. I accept and embrace myself as I am, while continuing to evolve and grow. Thanks Jacob

In order to participate in drama, one must take ownership of the script…. I am the dreamer of this dream… have asked for it on some level and been given it… but not for the reasons we think…


4. I overheard someone praying: “Dear God, what is your will for me?” Then I heard my own mind answer that prayer: “My will for you is that you stop being so concerned about you. In fact, why don’t you just stop being you and accept that you are one with me?” Thanks Benny


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