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Upcoming Retreats w Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.8.13 January 8, 2013

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1. Currently there is a request for a 3 day wknd Retreat/Advancement, for January 18-20th 2013 here in Puerto Vallarta MX. Therefore I am in the planning stage, if anyone else is interested, it will be quite the opportunity and would LOVE to have you join US… It will include food, ocean front accommodations, several sessions as well as Lots of FUN… There is also one starting to form on February 2-4th let me know if you are interested in that as well..

2. “No one has ever been able to control his thinking, although people may tell the story of how they have. I don’t let go of my thoughts—I meet them with understanding. Then they let go of me.” ~ Byron Katie

3. If we knew who walks beside us, we would never feel alone, and we would know that there is nothing to fear. The idea that we are being watched over and cared for is a good teaching. It is my experience that this is True.

4. Abraham Hicks meets Wayne Dyer Powerful 11 minutes of correcting our thinking… Please tend to your OWN alignment.


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