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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.7.13 January 7, 2013

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1.  The Real Practice is joining, in Love and Joy, without trying to be “special” – without trying to get anything – without judging, correcting or condemning…. now THAT takes PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE… and I am up for it…


2. The ego is neither bad nor the enemy, but merely an illusion to release so that something far better can replace it. ~ David R Hawkins


3. We Affirm: I greet the Great Spirit as I invoke and call forth today’s blessings. My mind is a fertile land and the fields are white and ready for harvesting the wonders I have imagined there. I dream my dreams in this sacred land and in due season I reap what I have sown by the bountiful Power of the Great Spirit. This is the natural way of things. I respect the Laws of Creation and today I honor the Infinite Source from which all Life flows. I do not try to get something out with out putting something in first. Seedtime, then the Harvesting. Today I seed this land with the divine imaginings of the life I intend for myself and I look for ways to contribute to the dreams of others. All is One indivisible Life and it is all sacred. Today, I honor the Great Spirit from which all Life flows. ~  Jacob Glass

4. We need not be concerned about money. Be committed instead, to Joy. 

How much Joy am I experiencing in this moment? How much Joy am I allowing in this moment? The Joy I experience will be the Joy I bring. If I am waiting for Joy to be brought to me, I do not understand what I are doing here. And if I think that Joy has anything to do with money, I really do not understand what I are doing here. There is a person waiting right now, right this very minute, for you to uplift them. Do that… and you will be rich.

5. Source can plan for my happiness better than I can, and did. Now what am I going to do – wait for some person, thing, situation or event to come along and make my happiness? The Love and happiness that I seek is not dependent on anything out there – it is within – it is already there – it is what I AM. The thing that I seek is what I AM.


An Open Heart Sees Love Everywhere

An Open Heart Sees Love Everywhere