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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.5.13 January 5, 2013

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1. We Affirm: I have a wonderful mind. I can choose the thoughts I want to think today and I can choose the way I want to feel – all by guiding my own Consciousness, the same way I would train a puppy. I am patient, kind and consistent with my mind today in guiding it to the thoughts that feel good when I think them. I love and appreciate my beautiful mind.


2. Love created me like itself. I am Love. And what else can I do with Love but give it away. This is why giving is much more natural for me than getting. If the motivation for all of my thinking, saying and doing is getting, then I will get into nothing but scarcity. I can only give to myself, and I can only gain by giving. And Love is all there is.


3.  “Your gift to the world is not what you buy or do. Your gift is your happiness.” ~ Alan Cohen 


4. I have been asked to offer some explanation for bad things that seem to happen – rape, torture, murder, accidents, sickness, etc. There are two ideas I want to take out of the picture right from the start: (Thanks Benny)
A) God has nothing to do with this mad dream you seem to be having – God neither causes nor allows suffering – God knows not of any of this. If God knew of this world then it would be real, and if this is a real place then we are all screwed. Since God does not know of this world there is the need for an intermediary between the mind of God and the dreaming, sleeping mind of His holy son (you) – call that the Holy Spirit or Christ mind. So you might ask, “how can it be that God knows not of this world?” And I would say to forget about God – there is a place of deep peace that you can experience in your own mind where you know nothing of this world. There is your answer. How else could you possibly reconcile God with this world? You would have to say that there is no God, or that God is cruel, or that he is stupid and powerless. The truth is that God is Love and reality is safe and sure and kind. 

B) The other idea that I am going to ask you to remove from your thinking is the idea that you can possibly understand anything on the basis of what seemed to have happened to ‘them.’ There is no ‘them.’ There is only you experiencing the results of your mind. Yes, I know – you do not think that I am offering much help because you still want to know why those terrible things happened to them. Okay, let’s just skim the surface of that, but then I am going to have to move on. If someone seems to have been murdered, for example – do you really know that a terrible thing happened to them? Maybe they went through a tunnel and Jesus greeted them and they are in a better place. Maybe they would have been worse off having to get old and sick and then die. Suppose a child gets raped – is it possible that that person was a rapist in a previous life and the resulting guilt demanded an experience of rape? All I am saying is that you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why this or that happened to them. You do not have the big picture.
Now we are ready to talk about this subject from the only perspective that may allow you to gain some helpful understanding – from the perspective of what you personally are experiencing. You are the dreamer of your dream and you are always and only experiencing the results of your mind. If bad things seem to happen to you it is the result of your own negative judgments, fear, grievances or guilt. All of these ‘so called’ bad things are as per decisions that you make. But you forget and don’t want to know this because ego is strengthened when it can play the part of victim. Never-the-less, the Holy Spirit uses everything that happens, even the bad stuff, on behalf of your learning and awakening. So when you look back on your adversity you will ultimately see it as a blessing. This teaching is offered not to make you feel guilty about bad things that seem to happen to you, but to empower you with the idea that all power in heaven and earth is given unto you – you are not a victim, and you can change your experience – you can choose again. I don’t want you to believe any of this – I want you to actually choose a different way of thinking, feeling and seeing so that you can experience for yourself the power of your mind to change your experience. 
Enough said – just a few finally words: you are not a body, and what seems to be happening to your body is not happening to you. This is all just dreaming and none of it has any effect on reality. There is no world. God is Love. Nothing real can be threatened, and reality is safe and sure and kind.

Faith: Sometimes you have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way…