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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 1.4.13 January 4, 2013

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The key to transformation is to forgive the past and let it go. When you stop dragging your story along with you – when you stop projecting that same old story out into the future, then you are free of past and future. Without the baggage (the regrets, guilt, grievances and fears) you are free to be born anew of the miracle and lightness of this moment. That’s transformation.


You can have a burning desire to fix the world OR a learning commitment to fix your thinking about the world… only the latter will bring you peace.


What you focus on will manifest. And so if you focus on getting a lot of work done, then you will always have a lot of work to do. The mistake is in thinking that by doing a lot of work you will catch up and thus not have so much to do. No, it does not work that way. Focusing on getting a lot of work done only gives you more work to do.


Each relationship is as holy as you will allow it to be. The only thing lacking in any relationship is what you have failed to give. An unholy relationship is no relationship at all – that is when no light or love extends from you to anyone or anything.