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Thoughts and Quotes for the New Year 1.1.13 January 1, 2013

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1. “Rejoice in the prosperity of others. When you feel contemptuous, or even a twinge of jealousy, toward the accomplishments or life-styles of others, you are harboring negativity, where love must reside…

You cannot attract prosperity to yourself if you are filled with rancor, judgment, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, tension or the like. This kind of negative inner mind-set keeps you from being on purpose. You cannot be fulfilled and envious at the same time.” ~Wayne Dyer from Real Magic

2. Be still. Question every thought. Contemplate the source of Reality. And keep your eyes open. You never know when something that seems entirely insignificant will split your whole world wide open into eternal delight. ~ Adyashanti

3. Let the mind come, but don’t ‘have’ a mind. Mind helps you to exercise your wisdom, your own power of discernment to stay as you are and not divide yourself. When this is appreciated, you will stop fearing the mind. Gradually, as understanding deepens to reveal the Self as one’s own reality, the mind becomes a friend and servant. ~ Mooji

4. Success By Jacob Glass..

If you measure success in terms of praise and criticism, your anxiety will be endless.

Having a good reputation or becoming well-known for your work can be a hindrance to your further development.

Fame is as burdensome as caring for yourself properly.Path

What is the problem with praise and criticism?
If the group applauds one thing you do, and then you feel good, you will worry if they do not applaud as loudly the next time. If they are critical, if they argue or complain, you will feel hurt. Either way you are anxious and dependent.

How can a good reputation be a hindrance?
A good reputation naturally arises from doing good work. But if you try to cherish your good reputation, if you try to preserve it, you lose the freedom and honesty necessary for further development.

How is fame like caring for yourself? 
In order to do good work, you must take good care of yourself. You must value yourself and allow others to value you also. But if you make too much of yourself, you will become egocentric. Egocentricity injures both self and work.

If you can live with the fruits of successs and care for yourself properly, you will be able to foster success in other people.

-The Tao of Leadership, John Heider