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2013 Message from Jacob Glass December 29, 2012

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Stepping It Up Again

Dearest Miracle Worker, We fully intend to rock your personal world in the most wonderful ways in 2013 if you will DO what it takes to let it happen. The question is, are you on board with the program? If not, We never force – We merely invite and create possibilities.

However, it will mean a real detachment from the world you SEE and a determination to keep your eyes on your own paper! LAW and Free Will will still remain in effect so you will have to do your best to keep your vibration clear and to FOLLOW the natural Laws of Mind and Spirit. What you give is going to be of paramount importance this year – the vibrational seeds you sow are going to reap harvest after harvest so SOW CAREFULLY. If you come at things only focused on what you NEED AND WANT, you will find a world that is needing and wanting FROM YOU – and usually that which you would prefer to keep for yourself. In particular here, We are thinking in terms of giving COMPLIMENTS, CREDIT, LOVING ACKNOWLEDGMENT, GRATITUDE AND PRAISE.

This kind of giving is more important for this New Age than you can even begin to imagine as yet. As always, you will need help and assistance during this year and though it will come from God, it will come THROUGH human beings. And human beings whom you have not honored, thanked and praised consistently will not be too willing to be the vessel for you if you only call when you need help. The relationship “bank account” is one in which you need to focus more on DEPOSITS than on withdrawals!

YOU MUST get over being embarrassed by expressing intimate words of appreciation!! Are you praising your mate and children EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR?! You better start if you are not as yet. Do you THANK your employer for giving you work on a regular basis? Do you accept encouragement and inspiration without regularly showing gratitude? Are you in the habit of taking what is offered as some kind of personal metaphysical “manifestation” and then not thanking the vessel through which it came? Do you thank the trees and flowers you see along your pathways? Do you thank the sky and the grass? We know you think this is ridiculous, but We cannot tell you how very serious we are about this and how profoundly GRATITUDE can rock your world in this new phase you are entering. What you are not thanking and praising will begin to disappear from your personal experience in this time of Higher Consciousness. Remember, the object of attention RECEIVES ENERGY and increases. Consciousness animates matter.

You can look around and see what is being fed with attention – expect more reality shows of people fighting and going after meaningless things, more famous people who have no talent and nothing of any value to offer, more violent dark movies, more humor based on depression and negativity, financial “cliffs,” more competition for finite resources, more belief in the victim consciousness that dominates the planet.

But YOU can experience an entirely different world if you are willing to SOW SEEDS every single day in your own garden. This will require HUMILITY at the time when arrogance is higher on the planet than We have ever known it to be. You will need to GIVE the very things you want most if you are to have a Divine Harvest. You will need to give them to others and TO YOURSELF! This is not easy for the ego. People will seem to steal your ideas, take advantage of you, take the credit, pass you by . . . this is TEMPORARY and will only continue if you FOCUS ON IT AND TELL THE STORY OF IT. AND it means that you will need to start giving credit where credit is due if you expect a harvest of like energy in your own life.

If you can let Us Help you in this, this will be a year of the gentle steady blossoming of your Garden in the most abundant and glorious ways imaginable. But again, you must keep your eyes ON YOUR SIDE OF THE FENCE, IN YOUR YARD, ON YOUR OWN GARDEN. The time of Grace is upon you now if you can keep on taking the steps in Consciousness necessary. If you have not already, UP your gratitude game tremendously! Start praising those who are part of your daily world – particularly those you tend to take most for granted or whom you think owe YOU some gratitude. Do NOT forget to include yourself in this – you owe yourself a tremendous debt of gratitude and praise! If you IGNORE caring for yourself, you will burn out and not be in any position to receive all the good! Before anything blossoms in your garden you will have given much time and energy to watering, weeding, fertilizing and patiently waiting, not in faith but in KNOWLEDGE of Principle.

We know, ego HATES this – that’s why it’s GRADUATE LEVEL spiritual practice. And that is also why the fruits of this kind of practice are so much juicier and nutritious than any other kind of practice. This is a perfect time to reflect on the year gone by and remember the human vessels through which God blessed you – and make sure that the clock does not sound on midnight December 31st before you have praised, honored and acknowledged these beings.

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