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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 12.20.12 December 20, 2012

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1. “When safety is our priority, we live our lives being very, very careful, and we wind up having no lives. Don’t be too careful, you may hurt yourself.”- Byron Katie

2. To trust our Self is to step outside all ideas of how we think we should be and experience our Self as we truly are. To allow our Self to be as we are is the end of the spiritual search, the end of the path. No ledges, no concepts, no holds, just free falling. Finally, who we are is all that is needed, and all that is here. Are you ready to trust that?

3. My name is “Yes”. I love living that way. I say yes to everything. For example, if you ask me to something for you, and I want to, I say yes. If you ask me to do something and I don’t want to, I say no. And that no is a yes to me. I live an internal yes, because I am honoring something inside me that has nothing to do with you. It’s so exciting to see what the answer is to that questions that he’s asking you! I don’t think,  “Will it hurt his feelings? What will he give me? Will he think I’m nice? Will he be disappointed?” Instead I think, what is my answer to that question? It’s very exciting. You never know what answer’s going to be there! So you just walk through life waiting for people to ask for anything, so that you can hear the language of your own heart, your own intelligence.” Byron Katie

4. Let your self go! No, really… the self you think you are… set it free! The identity and adherence to that self’s meaning and needs… surrender. Breathe again in freedom, without judgment.

5. When we discover that all happiness is INSIDE of US, the wanting and needing are over, and LIFE gets very exciting.

Love the Life you Live