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Forgiveness and Quotes for Today 12.18.12 December 18, 2012

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1. What we need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has ALL worked together to bring us to this very moment… And this is the moment we can choose to make everything new…


2. In the tapestry of life we are all connected. Each one of us is a Gift to those around us, helping each other be who we ARE, weaving a perfect picture together. ~ Anita Moorjani

3. Forgiveness Can Make You Rich, Sexy, Successful & Happy by Jacob

“Forgiveness offers everything I want.” A Course in Miracles

Perhaps that you think the blessings of God are only the more “spiritual” states of being or are merely symbolic and metaphorical. This is simply not so. Though the world is an illusion, We have discussed many times that it can be a nightmare illusion or a happy dream. Sacrifice and suffering are the result of the “ego’s religions” and have nothing to do the the Infinite Friend that is the One true God. You were not born to struggle through life as a survivor – you were meant to thrive.

And you have also been reminded that the gifts of God are free, but that that does not mean they don’t cost anything. The major cost of the life of THRIVING is . . . forgiveness. In fact, forgiveness DOES offer everything you want. If you have any problem at all, it is most often a forgiveness problem. You may think it is a health problem, a money problem, a relationship problem or a work problem . . . but it is really a forgiveness problem. This is not only forgiveness of others and of yourself, but it is quite often forgiveness of the stressful concepts and untrue philosophies you cling to. Forgiveness is LETTING GO. Forgiveness means you are cancelling the debt – not because it is the spiritual thing to do but rather because it is the fastest path to what you truly want.

PLEASE stop making your relationship with Divine Presence such a solemn drag!!! God is the original author of FUN! Heaven is the state of JOY, remember?

In fact, you would do well to shake your forgiveness paradigm to the core by turning it entirely around. Instead of making it some HUGE difficult spiritual BURDEN that you feel you “should” do, make it the most fun of all. We strongly suggest you create your own unique personal AFFIRMATION/DECLARATION to use daily as part of “The Forgiveness Game” – perhaps something like,

I am quick to forgive because forgiveness makes me rich, sexy, successful and happy!

The more I forgive, the hotter I get!

Yes, We are telling you to FORGIVE FOR SELFISH REASONS!! Do not forget that the Teacher of God is generous out of self-interest. Forgiveness is the greatest beauty treatment and health regimine in the Cosmos! Of course the ego has many paths to riches, love, success, health and so on – and many of them work in reaching the desired end . . . but, they are soooo not fun and ultimately unsatisfying. Remember, Life is not about the arriving at the destination . . . it’s the fun of the journey that makes it all worthwhile.

If you spend just a few minutes considering this you will see the sense of it – do the math. Grievances and resentments tend to be a breeding ground for illnesses, poor aging, feelings of impoverishment, relationship and intimacy problems, work and career issues and they make a person unattractive. It’s really a no-brainer to realize that forgiveness is then the neutralizing agent, the ultimate answer to these problems.