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The Question by Jacob Glass December 17, 2012

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The Question

Many years ago, when I first started reading the Course, it made me so happy that it said that the world we see is not the real world. To me, this was the best news I’d ever heard! For years I would tell the people in my lectures that when they turn on the TV they can be glad that what they are seeing is Not the real world! Just the same, the Course also tells us that illusions are as powerful in their effects as is the Truth – because we BELIEVE in them.

But the ONE THING that totally hooked me on the Course was basically THIS sentence from chapter 14:

This IS an insane world, and do not underestimate the extent of its insanity. There is no area of your perception that it has not touched, and your dream IS sacred to you. That is why God placed the Holy Spirit in you, where you placed the dream.

THAT made more sense to me than any spiritual or religious philosophy I’d ever heard because I had already seen decades before that this world is VERY insane. The Course wasn’t just saying this is not the real world, it was saying that in many ways this world is an insane asylum and we are the inmates running it. But this Course is also clear that we can be HAPPY even here – that in fact it is God’s Will that we BE happy, no matter where we are or think we are.

Now, the ego is obsessed with WHY questions . . . because they are almost always looking where to lay the blame for something. It is quite often a means of focusing on GUILT, which is what gives the ego tremendous pleasure. There are people who spend decades of mental anguish and suffering over that one word “Whyyyyyyyyyyy????” It is so rarely helpful. I’ve counseled people into peace many times by having them just drop the word “why” from their vocabulary and thoughts for just 6 months while they were going through challenging times.

But for the Miracle Worker, “why did this happen” is a no brainer in anything that is not loving. It came from the insanity of the ego thought system. The “why” is the result of someone BELIEVING in their stressful nightmarish thoughts – not questioning them, not even knowing their thoughts ARE insane.

So then for the Miracle Worker, once something has ALREADY happened, the pertinient question is not why did it happen but something far more helpful for restoring the goal of the Course. The question is,

Now that this HAS happened, what will I make of it?

We can choose to make the worst of things and use them as part of the accelerant of the detour into fear – or we can use this as an opportunity to remember that we are here only to be truly Helpful. And we can remember that we have a Guide within us ready to make good use of us the moment we begin to question our OWN stressful thoughts and stop seeking for guilt and blame. The insane experiences of this world can make us bitter, or they can make us better. We can use the facts of the world as a reason to constrict and harden our hearts, or as a way of opening and softening more, knowing that we ALL suffer when we believe our stressful thoughts and start to think the world we see is the real one. Because when we judge according to appearances, and then attach to those judgments, we suffer.

Many miracles have been born from the mind of the Mystic who was willing to ask that Inner Guide within, “How can I help here?” instead of circling the layers of hell asking, why did this happen again and how can we stop these things from ever happening again? And quite often in the asking of “how can I help here” there is a tremendous lessening in the tendency for the detour into fear to begin with. Remember, we CREATE what we defend against. What we push against, we are literally becoming a vibrational match to as we become more and more attracted to the very thing we fear, hate and judge. And remember, AVOIDANCE is still focusing on that thing too. Avoidance is like holding that beach ball under the surface of the water – just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean that we aren’t focusing a huge amount of our energy keeping it out of sight. No, we neither cling to the picture of suffering, nor do we avoid it. It’s there within the physical realm and we cannot help but see these things when they burst onto the scene with such ferociousness. Instead, the Course reminds us to rise “above the battleground” into the Divine Presence to have our mind’s healed. In simple terms, we have consulted a Higher Authority.

We can’t really stop anything from happening forever. We can’t get rid of the problems of this world because they are just replaced by more insidious and clever problems in the next generation. But we CAN start something else – something that is wanted. As we focus on what we want, instead of what we don’t want, THAT is what we see more and more of because that is a match to our Consciousness, whether as individuals or as groups. That’s what the evolutionary step into 2013 symbolizes for those of us who are focused on Consciousness work. We are not focused on the dying of the old ways or the destructive tendency within the illusion. We are focused on the transition into a new way of thinking and being which shifts us from the nightmare vibration into the Consciousness of the Happy Dream. And from the happy dream, we have immeasurably shortened the time until we truly awaken from the dream entirely.

In scriptures, before almost every major miracle, some Guide appears with some version of the entreaty: “Fear not. Be not afraid.” Very good advice indeed for all Urban Mystics at any given time of the day or night.