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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.30.12 November 30, 2012

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1. How to find inner peace when being reprimanded or criticized?

No one “likes” to be reprimanded or criticized. But, it’s not the reprimand or criticism that interferes with inner peace; it is the resistance to the criticism that is painful!  So, instead of “resisting,” consider any reprimand or criticism as “feedback.”  Find the 1% (or more) of truth in the words being shared with you. Then, simply say “thank you” to the person for sharing with you. Assure them you sincerely heard them and appreciate them for bringing this to your attention. And, since you found the 1% (or more) of truth in their words; you may even say, “You know, you’re absolutely right.  I see exactly what you mean.” Remember, inner peace disappears with “resistance” not reprimands or criticism.

2. Open and lift the wings of Love! When Love's wings are strong, you need  no ladder... ~ Rumi

Open and lift the wings of Love! When Love’s wings are strong, you need no ladder… ~ Rumi













3. Work With The ENERGY By Jacob Glass

“. . . but let me remind you that
time and space are under my control.”

A Course in Miracles

Remember that EVERYTHING is about Energy. Humans spend far too much time concerned with manipulating matter, people, conditions and situations than in working with what really matters in all of those – the ENERGY present. Like the proverbial bull in a china shop, you often go charging in crashing up against opposing energies and vibrations because you have not first stopped to TUNE IN – to SENSE and work with the energies that are present. You become too interested in getting your way and making things happen the way YOU think would be best for all concerned.

Remember that the Universe is a friendly system. It wants to work WITH you as a cooperative agent in all situations and circumstances. But you must be willing and patient enough to slow down so that you can become attuned to the energies that are dominating. Then, rather than trying to conquer or push the energies, or manipulate them to your will, you can cooperate and begin to channel those energies through the Wisdom that is REVEALED to you by the Presence within you.

How to do this? RELAX, even if everyone else is whipped into a frenzy around you. If possible, close your eyes, even for an instant and say to the Presence within, “Make good use of me here.” Then LISTEN to REALITY beyond appearances rather than the “story” ABOUT the appearances that the ego is endlessly chattering to you – really LISTEN in the space. And RESPOND to whatever spiritual intution reveals to you. And be willing to keep correcting as you go. Do not get attached to being right or to specific outcomes. BE FLUID, be flexible, be cooperative. Be persistent, but not pushy. Be consistent, but not pedantic.

There is a vast untapped Wisdom within you which awaits your attention and cooperation. Learn to work with the ENERGY rather than the personality and you will find that the doors and windows to  your greater good are opening nearly everywhere you go.