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Thoughts and Quotes for Today 11.25.12 November 25, 2012

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We Affirm: “There is a joyous and fabulous Divine Plan for my life. The purpose of the plan is my peace, happiness and satisfaction in life. My part is to get my arrogance, attachments and insistence on “getting what I want” out of the way so that the plan can reveal itself to me over time. I have no idea what’s good for me or what I need or how to make life happen. So I consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, who are gloriously arrayed and cared for without a trace of ambition – whose only focus is on being more of what they already are and allowing Life to handle all the rest.
I hereby humbly resign from interfering with the Divine Plan as I happily walk through the open doors to my greater good – even if my ego thinks it’s a demotion, for there are no small parts in the Divine Drama of life. His eye is even on the sparrow.”


2. ACIM:  Attempts to heal others are avoidance strategies. ~ By focusing on others  we escape the only healing there can be– our own. “Others” , or better, the idea of otherness, exists only in the unhealed mind. When it is healed there are no “others”.   Beingness is all-inclusive.   There is no specialness in being, therefore the ego hates it.


3.  We can’t do love. We can only BE love.


4. Once we heed the call to wake up from the ego thought system we begin to see the world differently.